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Is New Zealand Reporting More COVID Vaccine Deaths Than Deaths By COVID?

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

According to the latest numbers, the locked down penal colony that is New Zealand has recorded more deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine than deaths caused by the COVID-19 virus itself. According to their own COVID tracking system, there are 40 people who have died because they took the COVID vaccine and reportedly 27 people who have died from the COVID virus.

That’s right. More people died from the jab than from COVID itself. Our government doesn’t even want you knowing people die from getting the vaccine.

Because Twitter is a tech tyrant that censors real data that doesn’t line up with its Democrat-boot-licking totalitarian agenda, Elijah Schaffer, a journalist, had to watch the words he used to deliver the real news on the Fake News social media site by using terms like “in theory” and “possibly related” because word goes out that other people who have tried to spread the truth but didn’t use such qualifiers were quickly censored by the tech tyrants. It’s just the 1984 we live in.

How come we can’t mention real data just because tyrants don’t like it? That’s called Free Speech. Information like this could save lives. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Or is it about an unwritten deal to make billions if you play along?

In the case of New Zealand, both COVID death and COVID vaccine death numbers are somewhat low for countries of similar size, but the point is that the Marxists who are running The Great Reset are quick to publish inflated COVID death numbers while practically hiding COVID vaccine death data. In many cases the governments report anyone who died while having COVID as a COVID death when many of the people died from something other than COVID.

For example, we know that a study was done that included over 50,000 patients in about 100 VA hositals that revealed nearly half the hospitalizations for COVID were of people who very little symptoms or no symptoms at all. They were lumped in with people who had serious cases of COVID.

Vaccine adverse reactions, mainly recorded by the CDC’s VAERS system, are still under-reported. In fact, the CDC recently lowered the number of deaths due to a vaccine by half claiming the number was inflated by including reporting from other countries. It’s difficult to believe that given that under this administration science has been corrupted so badly.

Doctors and hospital administrators since the start of the pandemic reported most people who died and had COVID with COVID as the cause of death and that’s just not true. There is death because of COVID and death while having COVID. For example, someone who died because of an auto accident but tested positive for COVID would more than likely be listed as a COVID death. Partially to blame is hospitals were given government money for each COVID patient they treated to help pay for the extra PPE equipment needed for healthcare workers to treat COVID patients. That was an incentive to nearly every death as a COVID death.

Many families don’t report the death of a loved one caused by the vaccine to the VAERS system, which is another reason why that number is under-reported. I mean, what average American knows to do that?

This means that in some countries like New Zealand in our example, even if some of the data for COVID deaths is inflated due to error, there’s still the probability that more people died from the vaccine that were never reported. It is vitally important to get the reporting better on this because government policies are made based on the data that is reported.

In the US, the VAERS system doesn’t get updated that frequently, so it’s difficult to gauge the increase or decrease in vaccine deaths.

And there are other deaths that are related to COVID that most people don’t want to talk about. Deaths caused by draconian measures taken by governments around the world are suicides for being locked down and isolated, being bankrupted, having their lives completely destroyed and it seems to them that no one cares and that their government just continues to punish them when they have done absolutely nothing wrong. There are drug overdoses by people taking drugs to escape from the reality of lockdowns, and there’s the rise in crime caused by millions of people losing their job and can’t afford to feed their families.

All of this chaos over a virus that has a 99 percent survival rate.

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