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Is Joe Biden Compromised On Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin?

I wonder if Joe Biden‘s cognitive problems are a double-edged sword in that his forgetfulness may allow him to sleep at night? I say this because he is sitting on a powder keg of disaster and the fuse is short. He must be incredibly nervous all the time or he is a sociopath who just doesn’t care about getting caught.

So, what am I talking about?

We all know the situation Joe Biden has gotten himself into with Russia and Ukraine (and other foreign entanglements for greed), even if we listened to the overwhelming lies and disinformation that was put out by our mainstream news media and social media tech tyrants who act like a Praetorian Guard for the Democratic Party. The former does its level best to counter reports of massive corruption by the First Family and the latter goes into action censoring and labeling truth as misinformation or disinformation. It’s all done to protect the party, no matter who is involved.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin didn’t need the permission that Joe Biden gave Russian military troops during his nearly two-hour press conference last week over Russia’s 100,000 troop buildup along the Ukrainian border. Putin already knew that the American president, the Commander-in-Chief, can’t do a damn thing to stop him, regardless of wanting to stop him or not. Putin has Biden by the short hairs and Biden knows it. And it has nothing to do with Biden’s low approval ratings.

As I’ve always said, if you want to know what the Democrats are up to, all you need to do is listen to what they are blaming the Republicans for doing and you have your answer. The Democratic Party is so devoid of originality these days, the only thing they have is projectionism of their problems onto the Republican Party.

One such example is the Spygate problems that the Democrats threw at former President Donald Trump. Everything they tried to say against Trump was actually done by Joe Biden. That includes Russian collusion and the very thing the Democrats impeached Trump for over his phone call with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, claiming Trump threatened Zelensky to withhold military aid money unless he started investigating Joe Biden. That never happened. The transcript of the phone call proves it, and none of the numerous people listening in on the call can say they heard Trump say it. Even President Zelensky himself said President Trump never threatened him at all. But Joe Biden did threaten a Ukrainian president to withhold aid money.

Joe Biden, acting as vice president, threatened former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko with withholding $1 billion in US military aid that was desperately needed at the time to fend off Russian troops that were trying to invade his country. The quid pro quo was Poroshenko had to fire the Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Biden’s son Hunter Biden and the firm Hunter secured a sweet no-show job for over $50,000 per month salary (some accounts say $85,000 doubled), Burisma Holdings.

If Poroshenko fired the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter, he would get the already congressionally appropriated $1 billion in military aid. Like it or not, that was as corrupt as it gets.

Biden bragged about getting the prosecutor fired. He said it was because Viktor Shokin was corrupt and he wanted him out of there.


There are a couple of problems with that. First, some say that all Ukrainian prosecutors were corrupt, except for Viktor Shokin. He may have been the only prosecutor in the country who was not corrupt.

The second problem with Biden’s story is that we have audio from a phone call between Poroshenko and Biden where the Ukrainian president tells Vice President Joe Biden that even though an investigation found that Shokin was not involved in any corruption and did nothing wrong he asked for and received Shokin’s resignation.


If you don’t think Putin knows all about this, then I have some wonderful miracle supplements I would love to sell you.

President Barack Obama made his vice president the point man on getting a handle on Ukrainian corruption. The fox guarding the henhouse.

Hunter Biden is a drug addict. His main poisons of choice, being crack and meth, were consumed in great quanttities at expensive luxury hotel rooms with time and money spent on a variety of whores. His tastes were very expensive.

Hunter had zero experience in the energy industry, and that includes the natural gas industry. The only reason Ukraine’s natural gas company Burisma Holdings would give a position on the board to a loser like that, with no experience, was to buy the influence of the second most powerful man in the world, his father, the Vice President of the United States. It was a protection scheme.

Burisma was already having problems from government investigating corruption and ties to corrupt oligarchs. They gave Hunter the job with the understanding that the man put in charge of Ukrainian corruption would follow through with the quo to their offered quid.

And then we heard about one of Hunter Biden’s laptops that he abandoned at a computer repair shop that became the property of the shop after Hunter left it there after an agreed-upon amount of time. The shop tried to reach Hunter numerous times, and he never came for the laptop. The laptop contained extremely sensitive information that could have led to arrests, investigations, and even prison time. Some say some of the materials found on the laptop could have led to charges of treason.

And the Praetorian Guard swooped in to the rescue of the Biden Crime Family. When the New York Post, the oldest still-running newspaper in American history, founded by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, ran a story on the laptop, the US mainstream news media immediately labeled the report as “Russian disinformation.” The social media tech tyrants censored the story and Twitter suspended the New York Post’s account. Any way you look at it, that was election interference and can be construed as an “in-kind election contribution.”

Then, as soon as Biden was inaugurated, the news media started reporting on Hunter’s laptop as if it was a new story and they never trashed the Post’s story in the first place.

After the knowledge of Joe Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, where he included his drug-addled, seriously messed up son (who would do that to his own child?) it begs the question, what else does the Kremlin have on the Biden Crime family?

Could what is happening right now where Putin is on the verge of sending troops into Ukraine to invade and take over land inside the sovereign country, and Biden’s weak response of nothing but platitudes and veiled threats that do nothing to stop the Russian leader all be the price for Ukraine’s and Putin’s silence?

Is the most powerful man on planet Earth being blackmailed? It looks so. Conservatives warned of something like this before the election, but most of their voices were censored.

So, how much more does the Russian government have on the already compromised Biden family? Remember the story of a video of Hunter Biden telling a prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole one of his laptops? If you think those “drug dealers” were not involved with the Russian government, then I have to even better miracle supplements I would love to sell you.

The answer to that question could be explained by Biden’s allowing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be commissioned to run natural gas from Russia to Germany after he shut down our own Keystone Pipeline. It could also explain why Biden has allowed Russian troops to build along the Ukrainian border from the beginning of his presidency. Putin wasted no time to start that because he knew Joe Biden is compromised.

And the Russian/Ukraine blackmail material is likely miniscule to what the Communist Chinese Party has on the First Family.

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