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Is it Just Me Or Do the Democrats Seem To Get a Lot Out of Mass Shootings Politically and Monetarily?

What I’m about to say is going to be very controversial, no doubt.

What I’m about to say is going to be very controversial, no doubt. It’s going to sound very hyperbolic and partisan. Maybe it is, but it’s still the truth the way I see it.

The Democrats and the Left gain a lot of money and power when there are school shootings. They virtue-signal law-abiding gun owners, attack the Republicans, their political opponents, and trash the NRA that never shot anyone, all to score political points. Then, they go write gun control bills that will not stop a shooter from going into a school. I believe the stupid ideas Democrats come up with for gun control are made to sound really good, but they don’t work.

The Left shows the same patterns after each mass school shooting. They attack Republicans, use the NRA as a bogeyman, and fundraise off of it.

Mass school shootings, as it is, turn out to be a boondoggle for Democrats.

So then why would they want school shootings to end? After every school shooting, they could just continue to act all outraged, threaten conservatives, threaten the gun lobby, fundraise off their rhetoric about the shootings, then propose gun control laws that won’t do a damn thing so that they can keep the gravy train rolling. And that’s what they’ve been doing, and they will continue to do it until the day they believe they have a way to reach their ultimate goal: total gun confiscation.

Even a New York Times columnist recently admitted that the anti-gun Left knows that their “common sense gun reforms” – or whatever the latest focus-grouped terms they’re using – will not work and that the Democrats’ entire goal is to take away our guns.

An example of this would be Gun-Free School Zone laws. These are ridiculous laws that make our children sitting ducks in schools for any would-be shooter to take advantage.

Here’s the jist of Democrat thinking. They create a law that says that there will be no tolerance for guns inside of a school. They put a sign outside saying “GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE.” And that’s it. They have nothing to back the law up but a sign. They expect criminals to obey that law and not bring a gun onto school property. This is why Democrats are generally stupid. It’s also why we see so many mass school shootings at schools that are gun- free school zones.

We protect pro gun control politicians with people who carry guns.

We protect pro gun control virtue-signaling celebrities with people who carry guns.

We protect pro gun control professional athletes with people who carry guns.

We protect pro gun control billionaire businessmen with people who carry guns.

Yet, we protect children, who Democrats constantly remind us are a precious resource, with a [rhymes with bucking] sign.

We already know that the safest schools in the country are those that also have a sign outside each school entrance, only this one says “THIS IS NOT A GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE” or “PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT SOME OF OUR TEACHERS MAY BE ARMED AND THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.”

For some reason, Democrats will not come over to the other side on this one. You are not going to get criminals to obey laws, so the only thing you can do is get criminals to obey the law of force. When criminals understand they might get shot if they enter a school with a gun, they do not go into that school. Instead, they will go look for a school with a sign that says “GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE.”

This is not rocket science.

Liberals get what they want through a system known as incrementalism. That is, you don’t go for your entire goal at first, because liberal goals are destructive, dark, and will probably cost lives. They know that the American people would never go for it right off the bat and out of the blue.

Instead, liberals argue for smaller parts of their goal and when they get that, they wait a little while so that the American people can get used to that much of their goal being accepted. Then they move on to the next little part of their goal and then the next little part and so on and so on until they reach their intended goal.

This happened with smoking on airplanes. The anti smoking nazis’ goal originally was to end smoking on all flights, but they knew at the time that the American people would laugh them off the planes. So what they did instead was they said they only wanted no smoking for flights that are two hours or more. Most people, including smokers, thought that was a reasonable request. So laws went into effect that flights that were two hours or longer were now no smoking flights.

And then they waited a while until the American people accepted that the government could tell American citizens that flights that are two hours or more would be no smoking flights, and then they fought to knock it down to one hour, and once that was accepted, they eventually argued to ban smoking on all flights. That’s how liberals use incrementalism. They are now using the same tactic to get to their intended goal of total gun confiscation.

Matthew McConaughey recently spoke at the White House during a press briefing over the shooting at the school in his home town, Uvalde, Texas where he tried to sound reasonable while he argued for more gun control. In a later interview with Bret Baier on Fox News, the actor made a casual admission that I don’t think he realized he let the cat out of the bag. He said that people on the Left are willing to say “we may want the whole loaf, but we will take a slice of bread.”

McConaughey was talking about incrementalism. The Left wants to take all of your guns but they know that will never work, so they will incrementally do things that after a few years will result in total gun confiscation. And when that happens, the country is over.

The Left in this country never lets a good crisis go to waste. The Democrats probably want to continue their game of jumping up and down shouting for even more useless gun control laws while they fundraise off of it, but this time something is going on that might put a plug in that money hole. A number of worthless RINO Republicans are going along with Democrat gun control measures in the US Senate for things like red flag laws that will 100% absolutely remove due process of law, which is the cornerstone of what has made this country greater than any other throughout time. The fact that the government can not punish you without charging you with and convicting you of a crime is the reason why so many people have left their homelands and come to live here. If the RINOs put the Marxists over the top in the Senate, you can kiss due process goodbye.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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