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Is FBI Assistant Director Bill Priestap Next to be in Outted in Durham Probe?

More shocking evidence is being exposed that members of the FBI lied to members of the US House about Carter Page while pursuing a FISA warrant to spy on a candidate for President,  Donald J. Trump and other and American citizens.

Friday, Kevin Clinsmith a former lawyer for the FBI plead guilty to lying on a FISA Warrant to help justify spying on Page, an aide for Trump.  Now an Assistant Director of the FBI is implicated as being in the chain of deceit that resulted in illegal surveillance.

On Friday, high ranking Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary targeted the next person expected to be brought up on charges for their participation, Bill Preistap, and said,” It is not in his report, Mr. Horowitz found a briefing document from Feb 2016 prepared by the FBI because Senate Intel Committee wanted information on Russian sub-sources, and who did the briefing?  Bill Priestap, who is a leader of the Crossfire Hurricane. At the time of the briefing, they knew the Dossier was a lie and this briefing shows they lied about it.   I think this is another crime so I am sending it to Durham when I get that information,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC).


Priestap has been on the radar for lying about the foundations of the FISA warrant that kicked off the massive surveillance. His name comes up in the testimony of Democrat Adam Schiff (CA) , who testified that Prietap told him what we know now is a lie, that the FBI had more data against Page than the already debunked “Steele Dossier”, which was a known fraudulent document.

From the transcript:

Investigative reporter and researcher, @JohnWHuber uncovered that “8 of the 9 sources used in the FISA application to level allegations against Page are Steele and Steele’s sources, and says that the most important allegation: that Page was part of a “well-developed conspiracy of co-operation” was literally *cut and pasted* from Steele,” he wrote.

Preistap may also have known that Page was an FBI asset as another investigator uncovered:

And net steps:

If Graham reads Twitter he may find even more evidence to give to Durham.

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