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Is Elon Musk Planning on Buying Twitter or Will He Start His Own Platform?

People are speculating that Elon Musk is thinking of buying Twitter, although he has talked about building his own network to compete with Twitter, The buying of Twitter would make sense but it would also throw a lot of people out of work.  Musk has made it clear that he favors free speech and has often mocked Twitter for refusing to do the same.  Twitter has a market value of about $30 billion dollars.

That’s a lot of money, but Musk is worth seven times that much, so he could easily buy them out. But, would they sell out to Musk? Knowing that would lead to conservatives being reinstated and the platform would honor the freedom of speech. But, if that happens, Musk could go the hostile route and pay more than the current price of the stock of $38.69 a share. A lot of people would jump at a quick profit.

It wouldn’t hurt Musk much because by remaking it as a free speech platform, the number of hits would climb dramatically because all the conservatives would come back into the platform, and that increase the number of clicks that were cut off by Twitter’s previous ownership. That would increase the value of the site and it would provide Musk with a tidy monthly income.

Musk’s 17 million followers reacted in a positive manner, whether he buys Twitter or starts his own platform. He has proven that he can start up a company against fierce competition and get it to flourish as he did with Tesla. Tesla is responsible for pushing Must into being the richest man in the world. And since conservatives would be welcome, he can be assured of a large audience.

From The Blaze 

Chad Prather, host of the “Chad Prather Show,” explained that Musk’s scintillating missive left the Twittersphere presuming he is toying with buying Twitter outright or perhaps launching his own social media platform. Twitter is well known for its habit of protecting the speech of those with Joseph Stalin’s level of ethics while making it a priority to ban the accounts of people who are capable of identifying a man vs. a woman.

Musk’s 17 million followers responded with a firestorm of mostly positive replies, which leaves the question of whether he will attempt to buy out Twitter and rebrand the bluebird? Or is this the parallel economy game?



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