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Iran Fired a Dozen Ballistic Missiles At US Consulate In Iraq’s Kurdistan Region

Early Sunday morning, Iran launched about a dozen ballistic missiles toward the US consulate building in Iraq‘s Kurdistan region capital of Erbil.

US and Iraqi officials gave their own versions of what happened due to the attack. There were no casualties, but an office building of a Kurdish news outlet was damaged.

The missile strike was an “outrageous attack against Iraqi sovereignty and display of violence,” said a US State Department spokesperson, CBS News reports.

The US official said no Americans were hurt and there was no damage to the new, unoccupied government consulate building in Erbil.

Iraq officials reported that as many as 12 missiles from Iran hit the consulate and caused material damage.

So, who to believe?

Kurdistan24, a satellite television station located near the US consulate, went live shortly after the attack.


Here is damage done to the Kurdistan 24 office showing debris from the missile attack all throughout the building.

One Twitter user said “Iran claims that they hit Israeli target in Erbil. This my brother house.” The user posted pictures of damage done by the missiles.

Some said Sunday’s attack was a retaliation against Israel and not aimed at the United States.

Hamidreza Azizi, visiting Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, said, “Iran had carried out attacks against American targets and did not shy away from publicizing this.”

“I see this more as a warning sign to Israel and a show of force in the negotiations.”

The attack is being investigated by the Iraqi government and the Kurdish Regional Government. Officials in Iraq stated that the missiles were fired from Iran and did not elaborate. US officials could not confirm what type of missiles were fired.

The US Consulate General in Erbil tweeted its condemnation of the Iranian attack on civilian targets.

France’s foreign ministry said that the strike threatens efforts to conclude nuclear talks with Iran. The dopey French haven’t yet figured out that the Iranians don’t want to be a part of the nuclear deal. They want nukes to annihilate Israel and then use them as a deterrent while blackmailing the world.

This attack comes only days after an Israeli airstrike killed two soldiers in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard near Damascus, Syria. Iran’s foreign ministry condemned the attack, and, of course, Iran vowed revenge. Where would Iran be without a decent vow of revenge? It’s what their government lives for.

IRNA, Iran’s state-run media, played Iraqi media addressing the attacks in Erbil whiles never mentioning where the missiles were launched.

Ongoing talks in Vienna concerning America’s asinine attempt to return to the disastrous 2015 Iran nuclear deal, that itself eventually allows Iran to have a nuclear bomb 15 years after the signing of the deal, ended Friday with no agreements after Russia gummed up the works with new demands.

Marine General Frank McKenzie, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, and the Bozo who handed over responsibility for security at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan during the disastrous withdrawal from US forces to the terrorist group the Taliban, told the AP back in December that while remaining US forces in Iraq have switched to a non-combative advisory role, Iran and Iranian militia groups still want all American troops out of the region and said he expected more attacks.

President Joe Biden ended combat missions in Iraq on December 31, 2021. US troops, however, still provide air support and other military aid for Iraq’s fight against ISIS. ISIS was wiped out under the previous administration, but Biden is seen as a weak leader and so they’re back.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Sunday tweeted, “The attack that targeted the dear city of Erbil and terrorized its residents is an attack on the security of our people.

The world is a completely different place than it was on January 19, 2021. That always happens when America is perceived to be weak.

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