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Iran And Venezuela Team Up To ‘Resist’ the US, Sign Agreement To Work Closely Together For 20 Years

Iran and Venezuela have signed an agreement to work closely together over the course of the next 20 years.

Iran and Venezuela have signed an agreement to work closely together over the course of the next 20 years.

Nicolas Maduro, the socialist dictator of Venezuela and Iran’s theocratic President Ebrahim Raisi have recently signed a 20-year agreement of cooperation. Good luck with that, because neither of these two clowns has ever kept an agreement for very long.

At least Maduro got Iran to do something the Obama-Biden administration couldn’t: get them to sign an agreement. You might not know this but the Iranians never signed President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, so it was never binding.

Didn’t Joe Biden recently beg Venezuela to sell them oil and gas and they game him the finger?

According to the AP, a day after Maduro thanked and praised the Islamic Republic, or the world largest state sponsor of terrorism, for sending fuel to Venezuela defying America’s sanctions.

“Tehran’s delivery of oil to Caracas was a great help to the Venezuelan people.”

Maduro’s first visit to Iran came as tensions are heightened across the Middle East as the Iran nuclear deal fell apart while global food prices are rising and the sanctions are making Iran’s hurting economy even worse.

Raisi and Maduro are up to something. Venezuela thanking Iran for delivering oil for the Venezuelan people is like the United States thanking Ethiopia for sending much needed food. Socialist Venezuela has some of the largest deposits of oil on Mother Earth. Why in the wild wild world of sports would Maduro need to ask Iran for oil?

The Iranian and Venezuelan people are close to starving, but I’ll bet the leaders can count on having a fabulous dinner every night.

Could it be that the oil delivery was just a cover story and these two rogue nations, both enemies of the United States, are planning someone against the Great Satan?

Maduro said the two nations are united by “a common vision.” Both have deep economic difficulties and are aligned on international issues caused by US sanctions and her allies.

Maduro said, “Caracas and Tehran have shaped the strategy of resistance economy and are working to expand it.”

Ali Khamenei, Iran’s former top terrorist, said on his website that Venezuela and Iran’s experiences have shown that the only way to face the pressures from the US is “to resist,” and he thanked Maduro and the Venezuelan people for resisting American pressure.

So China recently makes an agreement of cooperation with Vladimir Putin, and now Iran and Venezuela do the same. It wouldn’t surprise me if all four eventually team up and try to attack the US while the vegetable-in-chief is still in the White House. This is why you don’t steal elections.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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