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Investigation by Wisconsin H.O.T. Discovers an App That Would Tell Them in Whose name They Could Vote Illegally

First of all, I want to make it clear that as of yet, they have not furnished proof that cheating occurred because of this App, But, I would also like to point out that there is no reason to build this app for legal purposes. The app that was designed and built by a former Facebook employee was Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein would allow them to see who had voted and who had not voted.

If you know who hasn’t voted, you could submit a vote in their name. You could also use that to call up Democrats who had not voted and urge them to go out and submit their ballot. The app was discovered by a voter integrity group in Wisconsin known as ‘Wisconsin HOT’.

Rubenstein was working with a Racine Clerk. This was discovered after the group was given emails during a FOIA disclosure.

This information has been posted at

The Gableman investigation knows about the app, but he has not commented on it yet. That is to be expected, but we always have to worry about these investigations in which no one is punished and facts are left out of the report to justify that. There has been a lot of information coming out about the election in Wisconsin.


From The Gateway Pundit

H.O.T. tells us that in September of 2021 HOT received part of a records request from the City of Racine. From the emails, Racine, Wisconsin City Clerk Tara Coolidge sends a City of Racine ballot and envelope to Michael Spitzer Rubenstein to develop a tracking app with former Facebook designer Ari Steinberg.  This app would gather information from WisVote in real-time as to who voted and who did not.

WisVote is a comprehensive election management system that municipalities and counties use to manage voters, absentee ballots, poll workers, and other election details. WEC developed the current system in 2016 to ensure voter data contained within remains secure.  The email above states on 10-20-20 “So all I need from you is the data from WisVote”. “You can download the full list of active voters and absentee ballots. I can process everything, so you won’t need to.”

The Gableman investigation has this information.

This scandal was reported by Christina Bobb at OAN.

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