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INTERVIEW: NSA Whistleblower Reveals Digital Election Fraud Via CIA’s SCORECARD and HAMMER Programs

Same media that thought he was a hero during Bush era now ignore him.

All of the so-called fact checkers have said that the CIA computer programs called Scorecard and Hammer being used to change millions of votes for Donald Trump to Joe Biden is a bunch of nonsense.  The usual fact checkers like Politifact,, and Snopes have lied to their readers for years.  Many of them come from news outlets that lie every time they report something, especially something about Trump.  So, why should we believe them on this?  We shouldn’t.

On December 21, Senior Editor for The New American William Jasper interviewed National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower J. Kirk Wiebe who talked about the massive election fraud that went on during the 2020 election.  He mentioned evidence of vote fraud that was done by computer as he described the criminal use of the CIA-created Scorecard and Hammer programs, the software that most of the dunces in Fake News claim doesn’t even exist.

He also talked about the Dominion Voting Systems software that was used in many states and warned of the horrible states of security and lack of integrity in our voting system.  Many of the same leftists who say these types of claims are conspiracy theories complained about the very same things in 2016 and prior.


Wiebe for decades was a key guardian for many national security crises for the NSA.  Working with the legendary Dr. William Binney and Ed Loomis, Wiebe helped to create many of the software programs that are importing to help find, monitor, and track terrorists globally.  Their products also kept a watchful eye on foreign actors like China, Cuba, Iran and Russia.  The three are actual pioneers in the computer age for SigInt, or Signals Intelligence.

Wiebe was given the Meritorious Civilian Service Award, only the NSA’s second highest honor and distinction for his many contributions, so we’re not talking about some conspiracy nut here.  The man served with honor and was recognized for it.  The three left the NSA when they learned that the programs they created to help the United States remain safe from foreign enemies were being used against American citizens by the NSA to spy on them.  They became whistleblowers to let elected officials know that the American spy agencies are out of control.  They are real whistleblowers, not the Democrat kind who have second and third-hand knowledge and who hide in anonymity.

The world we live in now is ugly.  The very same news media that praised these guys, and others like them, who exposed illegal surveillance government operations under the Bush administration couldn’t have cared less when it was revealed that the Obama administration not only continued doing it, but expanded the use and scope of illegal surveillance.  James Clapper, Obama’s Director of Nation Intelligence (DNI) lied to the American people and he committed perjury during congressional hearings when he said that the NSA does not spy on Americans illegally, claiming they did not collect data such as emails, text messages, or recorded phone calls of American citizens when they most certainly did.  John Brennan, Obama’s CIA chief, also lied under oath during congressional testimony about the CIA spying on the US Senate.  he later admitted that they did.

Both men were not only never prosecuted for perjury about illegal spying on Americans, but they were both rewarded with commentator jobs on Fake News network CNN.

And the men who were once heroes in the eyes of Fake News are now considered outcasts all because they won’t go with the lie that leftist government is spying on American citizens.  I believe this is mainly because it would harm Barack Obama, which in turn would harm Joe Biden and in their warped minds help Donald Trump.

During the interview with The New American, Wiebe revealed that earlier this year, about eight months prior to the November presidential election, he and his wife, Dr. Binney, delivered a thumb drive with about 85,000 documents from

A March 3, 2018 ruling by US District Judge Richard J Leon in the case of “Dennis Montgomery, et al, Plaintiffs, v. James Comey, Defendant,” the judge wrote that counsel for the government assured the court that Montgomery’s hard drives were being kept in a “secure facility.”   They are only secure until a Democratic Deep State operative gets the order to get them and destroy them.

Montgomery is the CIA contractor who created the Hammer program for the CIA to be used in the “War on Terror.”  Judge Leon states that the government counsel, representing James Comey and the FBI, “represented to this Court that the ‘hard drives are in a secure facility with the Intelligence Community’s Office of Inspector General” and that there was “no risk” that they were “going to be destroyed anytime soon.” Montgomery’s 47 hard drives reportedly contained over 600 million pages of illegally harvested surveillance data.

That software, according to whistleblowers, was used against Republicans to benefit Democrats during the 2020 election.

During the interview, Wiebe revealed that earlier this year he and his wife Dr. Binney delivered a thumb drive with about 85,000 documents from Montgomery’s hard drives to the House Intelligence Committee.  He said that the purpose of providing the documents was to show them the gravity of our current situation and to warn them that these capabilities could be used in the November election.  Since the House is run by Democrats, and I believe with every fiber of my being that they were in on the election fraud, they never did anything with the evidence.

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