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Internal Poll Shows Republican Up Big In Maryland Senate Race

The Democrats could be in real big trouble in the extremely blue state of Maryland. An internal poll pitting incumbent Chris Van Hollen against Gov. Larry Hogan shows that Hogan leads by a score of 49%-37% margin.

Hogan is term-limited out as governor, but he is very popular in the state. If he runs and wins the seat, he would not necessarily be a sure vote for the conservative agenda but it would count as a pick up for the Republicans nonetheless.

Although he has not ruled out a Senate run, many people think he will run for president in 2024. It would not end well with him as voters are not anxious to replace a progressive with a RINO.

If he wishes to remain in politics, the Senate is his best shot. He has a lot of support from Democrats in Baltimore and statewide but I doubt that would do him any good nationwide.

Taking a Senate seat in Maryland could point to a massive red wave in the midterm elections. Should that happen, the Biden presidency would be over because Biden’s superiors would never allow him to negotiate with Republicans.

Hogan won reelection to the governorship in 2018 by 12 points. Biden (supposedly) took the state in 2020 by 33%.

From The Daily Caller

While a Senate run has not been ruled out by Hogan, others have speculated he will instead opt to run for president in 2024.

Hogan running in Maryland would give Republicans a realistic chance to capture a deep blue seat in what is shaping up to be a potential wave election. Maryland hasn’t had a Senator from the GOP since 1987.

Former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, the wife of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, met with Hogan’s wife recently to sell her on the idea of the governor running for Senate. (RELATED: Maryland Democrats Sued Over ‘Extreme’ Gerrymandering Of 2022 Congressional Maps)

The internal poll isn’t the only good one for Hogan to be conducted lately. A Gonzales poll conducted at the end of December measured his approval rating at 74%. He had the approval of 80% of black voters, and was above water with Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

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