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Insufferable Democrats Condemn Capitol Riot This Week After Downplaying Daily Riots All Summer Long

Playing the very definition of hypocrisy, many of the same Democratic leaders who spent the entire summer rationalizing and downplaying the violence in Democrat-run cities across our country have come out to condemn the violence in the riot that took place outside the Capitol building on Wednesday.

The riot that took place this week at the US Capitol, which happened during a pro-Trump rally that turned into a march down the street to the Capitol building, saw numerous protesters storm the legislature building causing Democrat lawmakers to run like frightened children, and delayed the certification of the 2020 election fraud.

Protesters went into lawmakers’ offices and trashed them, moving into the Senate chamber, and then clashing with police.  At one point, an unarmed 34-year-old female 14-year Air Force veteran was shot and killed by a police officer for crouching in a window frame after the glass had been smashed out of it.  The woman was not a threat and there were a number of uniformed police officers standing right behind her.  Ashli Babbit was shot in the neck and was pronounced dead sometime later.

The mayhem that ensued was characterized by the mainstream media as a coup or an insurrection and was universally denounced by lawmakers from both parties.  No one said any of it was mostly peaceful the way they did throughout the summer as we all watched American cities burn, businesses looted and people murdered in the streets.

Many of the same Democrat hypocrites who condemned the violence this week downplayed the summer-long daily riots that destroyed people’s lives and burned down their businesses and they didn’t care at all, because they wanted to blame it all on President Donald Trump.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that ANTIFA was just a myth on right-wing TV.

Joe Biden, who just stole the presidential election said that ANTIFA was not a real group, but just an idea.

That “idea” harmed a hell of a lot of people over the summer and since.

Democrats supported the violent group Black Lives Matter and did everything they could to make it appear that the ugliness that the two groups and other leftists did to destroy a nation was fully justified.

Kamala Harris, who is set to be sworn in as our next vice president supported an organization that bailed out rioters so that they could get back on the streets to continue their destruction.

Harris said during an interview that the protests (read riots) are a movement and they’re not going to stop.  And they shouldn’t.

It was insufferable to listen to Democrats downplay the riots and the violence by continually calling them peaceful.  This woman is going to be dangerous for the next four years because she has a mean streak in her and a get-even attitude about radical ideas that America is systemically racist.

A prominent voice among the band of hypocrites is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC), a woman who is known for her inflexible socialist beliefs and nonstop criticism of the Republican Party.  She is also known to run her mouth about things she knows nothing about and usually gets it wrong, but her stupidity and ignorance in such things is not really the topic here.

Since the incident on Wednesday, AOC has been hard pushing for President Trump’s removal from office, blaming him for the mayhem that took place at the Capitol.  Of course, there is no evidence whatsoever that Trump told anyone to start rioting, but that never stops a good lie by a Democrat.

On Thursday, AOC took to social media and tweeted, “Our republic is in great danger,” and then called for Trump to be removed either via the 25th Amendment or by way of a second impeachment.

“Our republic is in great danger, and it is imperiled further without swift action to protect it.

The President incited an attack on Congress. He is deeply unstable. The Cabinet must invoke the 25th amendment.

Congress must also pursue impeachment and removal of the President.”

It seems that AOC approves of political violence when it serves her purposes politically.  She is on record for making ambiguous and vague opinions about the violence that took place all summer long after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

AOC did a video where she accused people of being hypocritical if they called for the violence to end without giving in to the rioter’s demands.

“If you are calling for an end to this unrest, and if you are a calling for an end to all of this, but you are not calling for the end of the conditions that created the unrest, you are a hypocrite,” she said in the video.

“So if you’re out here calling for the end of unrest,” she continued, “then you better be calling for health care as a human right, you better be calling for accountability in our policing, you better be supporting community review boards, you better be supporting the end of housing discrimination … Because if you don’t call for those things and you’re asking for the end of unrest, all you’re asking for is the continuation of quiet oppression.”


A post shared by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@aoc)

When she made the video multiple people had already been killed because of the riots, and more came afterward.

And that was the most docile response to the violence that the Congresswoman has given.

At the end of summer in 2019, AOC said that marginalized groups “have no choice but to riot” when their living conditions are bad.

“Once you have a group that is marginalized,” she said while discussing conflicts happening in Israel.  “Once someone doesn’t have access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot.”

“I’m not even talking about Palestinians,” she added. “I’m talking about communities in poverty in the United States, I’m talking about Latin America, I’m talking about all over the world.”

She went on to say, “Social destabilization is what happens when people do not have a plan or feel like there’s no vision for their future.”

She justified political violence.

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said of public statues being toppled, “People will do what they do.”  She also said that “from a safety standpoint, it would be a good idea to have it taken down if the community doesn’t want it.”  This was from the Speaker of the House of Representatives!

Pelosi downplayed much of the violence over the summer while giving well-rehearsed lines about how violence is never a good thing and at the same time she condemned President Trump in solidarity-like speeches to support radical Democrat mayors who refused to stop riots in their cities and told the president to pound sand when he offered to send federal agents in to help quell the mayhem and burning of cities.

The dopey Democrat Senator from New Jersey Cory Booker also condemned Wednesday’s violence referring to it as a “nadir of shame.”

“It’s disgraceful that Trump and his allies have enabled this violence and attacks on our democracy,” Booker tweeted.

I guess he thought we would forget that on June 4 of last year he was far more careful in his wording over the deadly violence that took place for a week that went through multiple American cities netting over a dozen people murdered, rioters setting fire to a police station, looting, assaults, and arson all over the place.

“I think that there’s an overemphasis, for one, on rioters and looters,” the smiling jackass from New Jersey said, referring to the animals as “such a small fraction relative to peaceful protesters and activists.”

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