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INFURIATING: North Carolina Teachers Are Being Taught To Disrupt Classrooms And Taxpayers Are Paying For It

Public Education is quickly becoming a hot-button topic due to the invasive nature of social justice warriors who are openly invading public schools disguised as Teachers/ public servants, but who are really programming America’s children to be revolutionaries.

It is all being done while pretending that the teachers have children’s interests in their hearts, but in reality, they are backed by corporations like New America.

This is the story of a New America Teacher’s Training on being disruptive in an American Public School classroom.

“We want you to be disruptive,” said one New American facilitator. “We want your classroom to be disrupted; we want you to disrupt systems.”

“What students learn is up to us; how they learn is up to us, and we need to know who we are sending out into society, ” another New America facilitator said.

“There is systematic racism in the classroom, the school, and the district, and we want you to boldly dismantle the structures that cause the racism.  It might be grading; it might be who gets to take which classes and who gets to talk,” one of the facilitators said in a New America training.

“Our #CRT webinar is sharing the power of educators! We get to shape tomorrow’s leaders and the society we hope to see. #goopennc #Legacies,” posted Sue Batchelor, from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and a leading developer of the webinar program. 

I took the New America training for #GoOpenNC and here is my reaction. This article will concentrate on the first webinar found here. 

The facilitators, including an agent of ISKME, are very open about what they are doing; they spend the first 9 minutes explaining in detail who they are and their focus on making social justice foundational for every lesson plan in every classroom.

According to the website:  ISKME is a global nonprofit that inspires and convenes educators to embrace an ecosystem of learning fueled by collaboration and sharing. Note the word: Global.

The point was made that New America’s teaching style is promoting is for “empowering teachers to change curriculum,” bypassing state and federal controls, bypassing the school board and district, and bypassing the parents.

The other facilitators were a professor in culture from Georgia, WCPSS (Wake County Public School System) Equity Director, and an Unbound director.

Unbound describes their work as, “We provide free, standards-aligned resources and immersive training for teachers and school leaders.” Note the word: Free (Means the School Board will take it)


“We don’t have any state umbrella over us, are not waiting for permission from anyone, we are just going to start doing it,” the leading facilitator said.  I found that interesting since they were sponsored by North Carolina and Wake County Public Schools representatives who were leading the training.

“We want to teach not what is best for the test, but what is best for the student,” one facilitator said, explaining the company’s goal for all North Carolina teachers to be “Professional in ABAR,” which means anti-bias and anti-racist. To some parents, that may sound like it is “anti-grown up.”

Being “anti-racist” sounds fine until you listen and hear the constant emphasis on “black and brown children”, which begs the question, what about the other children?

The company is encouraging teachers to not wait for permission from anyone but to develop their own resources and call them “culturally appropriate” and then demand that the school replace current resources with what they have designed or what they can get from the company.  It makes me wonder if we have already seen these tactics played out with the Dr. Seuss books that got replaced as excellent teaching aids for sight words?  Perhaps someone wanted to replace the books with their own?

The focus is on the foreign culture of the “Black and Brown” as if they are totally foreign to American culture.

“CRT” means Culturally Relevant Teaching. According to their public website, New America defines itself, saying, “We are dedicated to renewing the promise of America by continuing the quest to realize our nation’s highest ideals, honestly confronting the challenges caused by rapid technological and social change, and seizing the opportunities those changes create.”

“No one can not be political anymore.  We need to be political in the classroom because that is our culture. We need to teach justice because everything is justice-related and connected to what is happening out there,” one of the instructors taught North Carolina teachers.

In their teaching manual for teachers titled New America CRT Competencies, the company representatives are more honest about what they are doing. They want to change politics and re-distribute wealth.

“New America is committed to renewing American politics, prosperity and purpose in the Digital Age. We provide the best of a policy research institute, technology, laboratory, public forum, social media platform, and a venture capital fund for ideas. We maintain a steadfast concern for low income and historically disadvantaged people..”

“We want all school resources to be seen through the lens of our ABAR,” one facilitator said


The teaching seminar was an hour-long lesson for teachers in North Carolina to learn why they needed to be more culturally appropriate, stop being “cognitive allies,” and get into the action by causing a revolution in their schools.

“We need to reach different cultures and also deprogram people on how they see other cultures, and that is what we call a Competencies. We need to guide students and develop a new curriculum to do that,”  said one of the facilitators.


What is the presenting problem here?  Are the facilitators claiming that American racism against “Black and Brown” students is worse now than it has ever been in the country’s history? What caused this need to marginalize some students and promote others?

“We want people to experience discomfort and learn to listen to the pressed, ” one facilitator said.

So, it does not matter whether the corporation is preparing teachers who are addressing the disadvantages that currently impact American children, the group’s motivations stem from disadvantages from global communities,  And the corporation does not concern itself with real slights, but from historic slights, whether rectified or not,  It is important to understand that the training for teachers does not deal with reality.


One participant in the program posted:

Consider #GoOpenNC as a great education about what your children are facing, and think about the pressure that educators are going to face from the “woke” teachers who have been instructed how to make revolutionaries disrupt their schools.

Imagine a world where you saw with your eyes and heard with your ears and you were allowed to believe what you experienced for yourself. That used to happen in America.

This is the first part of a three-part series.

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