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Indianapolis Officer Surprises Grocer with $4,700 Check

Officer Molly Groce, a K-9 officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, surprised a grocery store employee on Sunday with a check for over $4,700.

Groce had noticed the employee, Caleb Harris, helping an elderly man shop around a Meijer grocery store last week. She took a video of the act of kindness and posted it to her Instagram.

She told her followers that she watched Harris walk with this man around the grocery store, call the man’s wife to confirm the items on the grocery list, and even help the man load his groceries into his car.


Groce has a high social media platform with over 74,000 followers on her Instagram account. Her account is largely photos and videos of her German Shepherd K-9, Lando, who she has been working with for over a year now.

Aside from showing off her fierce and friendly K-9, however, Groce is using her social media platform to inspire hope and to perform acts of kindness. This is the second time her followers have participated in a Pay It Forward challenge, contributing money within a short period to bless a designated stranger.

Groce’s first Pay It Forward challenge was a month ago when she asked her followers to contribute money toward a tip to give to a random waiter or waitress. From those contributions, Groce was able to tip a waitress $1,550.00 – all of which was raised in a 24-hour period.

After posting the video of Harris walking the elderly man around the store, Harris received $4,725.00 in donations.

“I’ll track down that employee and give him the surprise of his life,” she told her followers in a video.

She returned to the store on Sunday, asked the manager to speak with Harris, and led Harris outside where she told him that after seeing him go above and beyond what his job responsibilities are, she rallied her social media followers to bless him.

According to Fox 59, Harris plans to donate some of the money toward his church, some toward his parents (his mother is battling breast cancer), and to spend the rest on a car to get him to and from work and school.

“I couldn’t help myself but to give her a hug as a thank of gratitude,” Harris told Fox 59.

“I hope you are inspired by a community that comes together to help someone else,” Groce told her followers in a video. “Do we have plans for a round three? I hope so.”

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