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Independent Media Puts it Out There: Compilation of Powerful Discussions Showing What they call “Election Fraud Proof”

A powerful compilation of video clips, news sources, and commentary was published by AWK News on Sunday that methodically and quickly laid out so much evidence of fraud in the election, if any reporters or journalist with concerns for American, saw what the hose of AWK saw, it should cause major curiosity.

The video included numerous data points that prove the controlled media and big tech are seemingly ignoring and censoring information about voter fraud purposefully.

The AWK report opens with President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney former Prosecutor and former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, in a clip from his own show.

“You want proof New York Times, you want proof Facebook? You want proof Twitter, you corrupt lying whatever you want. Here is the proof. I didn’t write it, the Russians didn’t write it. I didn’t get the 30 Million, your Prince of Darkness got it, Joe Biden. The guy who used his son, a drug addict, to be his bag man,” Giuliani said.

“You used your family to pick up and hide your bribes,” he said. And you were ready to do it again if we didn’t catch you!” Giuliani said.


Greg Kelly’s interview of sitting Senator Mastriano talking about the state of Pennsylvania flipping after further introspection of that State’s Constitution there and the consequences of Mail-Ballots there.

Highlights other news coverage by local news sources with links to Georgia and PA official sources claiming fraud in the election, including Kyle Becker tweets of KDKA News.

The host then showed a Newsmax Interview with Mastriano talks about his inside information as a Senator in PA and the way the system to investigate allegations of election fraud there has broken down, “the whole process has been corrupted” Mastriano said, and the “Certification there needs to be stopped” explaining his movement to declare the state legislatures constitutional rights in removing power from the Secretary of State, who currently holds that power.


Host finds people talking about information on disputed use of watermarks and codes on sheets.


Who said in an interview that General Flynn, their brother is working with attorney Sidney Powell to archive evidence.


Host plays clip from General Flynn’s first interview with another station. “The President has clear path to victory, and it requires honesty and bravery from election officials and Americans. There have been a number of threats against people who want to come forward. We have a clear path of victory for our President, he is going to win these states, including in Wisconsin because of 130,000 fraudulent votes. I say there is no doubt in my mind that Trump won. I think it was 400 electoral votes for Trump.”


Talking about legal standing, and how the legal team brought what she calls a major case together in a few weeks time. Ellis is the spokeswoman for the team.


Video footage of people protesting Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp, who Trump said on Sunday, was ashamed of endorsing recently.



American media and press has failed the American people, even with all of their high tech resources and reach, to present the real news in America surrounding protecting the most important tenets of freedom and liberty. AWK news, is doing more important work, in this one episode of their’s, than all of cable and broadcast news media is doing.

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