Netflix Paid Zero in Taxes on Record $845M Profits in 2018

Netflix Paid Zero in Taxes on Record $845M Profits in 2018

Streaming giant Netflix apparently did not pay a penny in federal or state income taxes despite posting profits exceeding $845 million.

Last year Netflix profits exceeded $845 million. And yet, they paid zero federal and state taxes. However,  they did pay $131 million to foreign governments. I wonder how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez feels about that?  Especially when she thinks that the elites in the country should pay 70%. According to the article by Breitbart,

“ITEP noted that Netflix is still “exploiting loopholes” in the tax code that helped it gear up to become one of the nation’s leading entertainment companies.”

I remember Hillary Clinton bashing President Trump for taking advantage of loopholes in the tax code? Also, he told her that if she didn’t like them then she should fix them. However, the truth is, many of these government representatives have companies of their own that use these loopholes. Nancy Pelosi lists Netflix, Google, and Apple as assets on her tax return. And she owns many businesses that have made her rich. Also, she has even used the tax breaks to her advantage. (ex. https://freebeacon.com/politics/pelosi-tries-extend-tax-break-two-multi-million-dollar-homes/). She is the richest female in Congress.

It will be interesting to see how the Liberal Democrats will respond to these mostly capitalistic companies not wanting to give up their big profits in the name of socialism. So how will these companies respond to all these Democrats wanting to tax the rich more? Will they get money to back their campaigns?

In any case, Netflix is doing great. They raised customers prices and had more opportunities to make more money and not pay any taxes.

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti

Source: Netflix Paid Zero in Taxes on Record $845M Profits in 2018

AG Whitaker and House Dems hearing turns testy. DEMS try to say Right Wingers are Terrorists. 

AG Whitaker and House Dems hearing turns testy. DEMS try to say Right Wingers are Terrorists. 

What was pitched as an oversight hearing with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on Friday quickly descended into heated rounds of recriminations as Democrats pressed him for hours on his dealings with FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — and Whitaker in turn angered committee lawmakers with equally fiery comebacks.

It is a shame what the Democrats have turned congressional oversight committee hearings into. The hearing with the acting Attorney General was very heated. The Democrats were extremely aggressive and on a mission to find something to impeach the president with. Whitaker kept his cool but he definitely fired back when the Democrats pressed him for information he couldn’t give them.

It is important to note that Whitaker volunteered his time to talk to the committee. He agreed for each member to have five minutes of questioning and held them to that. Check out some back and forth reported on Fox News by Adam Shaw.

“Can you say right now, ‘Mr. President, Bob Mueller is honest and not conflicted’?” asked Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif.

“Congressman, I’m not a puppet to repeat what you’re saying,” Whitaker shot back.

Democrats became increasingly agitated at what they saw as Whitaker’s efforts to run out the clock and control the hearing process. Whitaker stunned onlookers when he told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., that his time slot had expired as Nadler asked Whitaker if he’d been “asked to approve any requests or action” for the special counsel.

“Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up, so…” Whitaker replied as gasps ricocheted around the hearing room. “I am here voluntarily. We have agreed to five-minute rounds.”

Every time the Democrats have an opportunity they use the public forum to manipulate Americans into believing the conservative movement is extreme and dangerous. To prove my point, check out this exchange between Democrat Rep. Lou Correa and Whitaker.

Rep. Lou Correa “Do you believe that white nationalist, white supremacist, extremist or right-wing group in this country pose a threat?”

Whitaker “Yes I do.”

Rep. Lou Correa “Is it growing?”

Whitaker “Based on that report issued by the FBI I have no reason as I sit here today to disagree with it.”

Rep. Lou Correa “Do you believe that the administration is placing enough of emphasis, enough resources, allocated dedicated to stopping these kinds of homegrown terrorist attacks?”

I can’t believe not a single Republican was brave enough to come out and ask why Rep. Lou Correa didn’t mention the Democrat Domestic Terrorist groups like Antifa, BAMN, BLM, RESIST, ME TOO and on and on. These groups terrorize and cause harm to Trump supporters having peaceful rallies. I will have you know, in Berkeley and Portland every time there is a conflict between conservatives and left-wing groups, it’s the left wingers that were arrested and charged….not right-wingers. Because they are the ones causing harm to those that don’t think like them. Look at all the reports of conservatives being attacked and beaten for simply wearing a MAGA hat. The RESIST and ME Too groups harrassed House Representatives during the Kavanaugh hearings. Spitting on them in the hallways and getting violent. Many had to be arrested for their conduct. The BAMN leader literally said their duty is to strike against anyone that doesn’t think like them BY ANY MEANS Necessary. They are the very definition of a Domestic Terrorist group. Yet Rep. Lou Correa to put his biased opinion on T.V. To trigger the Democrat base.

It just goes to show the hypocrisy of the left. They accuse others of exactly what they are doing. And the sad thing is, the conservatives sit idly by while the Democrats sit in arenas like this hearing and falsely paint a picture of all conservatives. Plotting their base against conservatives. They are biased and they are divisive. They are the problem in America.

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti

Source: Between Acting AG Whitaker and House Dems, Trump-Mueller hearing turns testy

Green New Deal: Ocasio-Cortez aims to make air travel obsolete, aid those ‘unwilling’ to work

Green New Deal: Ocasio-Cortez aims to make air travel obsolete, aid those ‘unwilling’ to work

In what may be the most far-reaching proposal to ever be considered in Congress, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., unveiled her “Green New Deal” on Thursday — a government-led overhaul of virtually every aspect of American life that would guarantee a host of taxpayer-covered benefits for all and phase out fossil fuels.

It’s important to note that this climate change resolution, not legislation, is nonbinding. The estimated cost is at least 2 trillion dollars. That’s an enormous economic hurdle. Here are some of the things the resolution proposes to do.

  • Healthcare for all.
  • It pushes a high-speed rail system and eliminates air travel.
  • Net-zero emissions.
  • Upgrade ALL existing buildings.
  • Aid those “unwilling” to work.

In an article on Fox News by Adam Shaw, Ocasio-Cortez said, “Today is the day that we truly embark on a comprehensive agenda of economic, social and racial justice in the United States of America,” …..“That’s what this agenda is all about.”

The resolution has some prominent supporters, including some presidential hopefuls.

One concern we should have is the real effects of this resolution on all economic and social aspects. Many times Democrats propose resolutions or bills without any real look at the consequences. How will this bill affect, the following

How will healthcare for all, high-speed rail system and upgrading every single building in America be paid for? Especially without raising taxes.
If we support all Americans “unwilling” to work, what is the incentive for anyone to work?

  • How will eliminate air travel effect tourism, the United States army, missionaries, and international business?
  • How will a Green Resolution resolve racial injustice?

For many millennials, climate change triggers their emotions. However, it is essential to look at this from a realistic perspective. This bill has a socialistic aspect. It calls for big government and significant government regulations.

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti

Source: Green New Deal: Ocasio-Cortez aims to make air travel obsolete, aid those ‘unwilling’ to work

San Francisco has become the slum by the bay — Bad laws cause city’s homeless crisis

San Francisco has become the slum by the bay — Bad laws cause city’s homeless crisis

San Francisco is one of the richest cities it the world. It’s given us music, technology and elegant architecture.

San Francisco is one of many cities in California that has become overrun with homelessness. Stockton, Oakland, and Los Angeles are other cities dealing with this problem. According to an article from mercury news, homelessness in California increased by 13.7% from 2016 to 2017. It is attributed to an expensive housing market. But California citizens are also burdened with high taxes and cost of goods.

The article read:

On any given night in California, there are about 134,000 people without a home, according to annual data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. That’s nearly equivalent to the population of Pasadena or Roseville sleeping on the street, on a bench or in a shelter.

California’s homeless population jumped 13.7% between 2016 and 2017.

So those 134,000 Californians without a place to call home are the visible edge of a much larger, much deeper housing problem in the state. “We now know that there is a very close connection between housing costs and homelessness,” said Margot Kushel, director of the University of California San Francisco Center for Vulnerable Populations.

The problem with poop lining the streets of San Francisco is a result of several Democrat policies. One is the cost of living. However, the poop problem exploded when California passed a law to eliminate plastic bags given by retailers. With little research to the implications of passing such a law, Democrats pushed the bill. The homeless population used the bags to get rid of their feces.

But another problem also appeared. Because the feces is lining the streets it has caused an outbreak of Hepatitis A. In fact, according to an article from ABC in 2017 by Sid Garcia, Los Angeles had to declare an outbreak. The LA County Health Department is offering free vaccinations to the homeless. The article read:

“Public Health has been proactively preparing for an outbreak for some time and is working diligently to prevent spread in local communities. Our priorities are to keep all our residents both safe and well informed of the situation,” said Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, MD, MPH, Interim Health Officer, Los Angeles County.

“Vaccination is the best protection against Hepatitis A. With this in mind, our outreach teams and clinics are offering the free vaccine to persons who are homeless, active drug users, and those who provide services and support to those individuals.”

Another policy Gavin Newsom passed while Governor was to have injection centers for drug users. In these facilities, drug users can inject themselves in a safe environment and get free needles. Today needles are starting to line the streets of San Francisco as well. It will be interesting to learn the effects of this policy in the coming months and years.

The clean up of feces in San Francisco is costing the city $750,000 a year in addition to lost revenue from events that don’t want to subject their event goers to the dirty city.

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti

Source: John Stossel: San Francisco has become the slum by the bay — Bad laws cause city’s homeless crisis

In SOTU address, Trump calls for end of resistance politics, investigations and the idea of socialism. 

In SOTU address, Trump calls for end of resistance politics, investigations and the idea of socialism. 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Face to face with emboldened Democrats, President Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Washington to cast aside “revenge, resistance and retribution” and end “ridiculous partisan investigations” in a State of the Union address delivered at a vulnerable moment for his presidency. Trump appealed for bipartisanship but refused to yield on the hard-line immigration policies that have infuriated Democrats and forced the recent government shutdown. He renewed his call for a border wall and cast illegal immigration as a threat to Americans’ safety and economic security.

President Trump delivered the best SOTU address I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I thought it was very presidential, uniting and brave. Trump addressed many relevant events in history, how the government should be working on behalf of the citizens, and the nonsense is happening on the hill.

One of the most standout moments of the speech was won by President Trump for people to come together. He said,

“We can make our communities safer, our families stronger, our culture richer, our faith deeper, and our Middle Class bigger and more prosperous than ever before.

But we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution — and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise and the common good.

Together, we can break decades of political stalemate.

We can bridge old divisions, heal old wounds, build new coalitions, forge new solutions, and unlock the extraordinary promise of America’s future.

The decision is ours to make.

We must choose between greatness or gridlock, results or resistance, vision or vengeance, incredible progress or pointless destruction.

Tonight, I ask you to choose GREATNESS.”

Right after we saw Nancy Pelosi clap towards Trump in a mocking, childish manner, the truth is, the Democrats have been the most divisive, non-negotiating party. They want things their way or no way. They are masters at manipulating their base to think the opposite. And this clap was precisely that; she clapped at him like he was the problem. In truth, the Democrats have been the problem.

Another great moment, and quite brave is when Trump addresses current investigations. He said,

“An economic miracle is taking place in the United States — and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations.

If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation.

It just doesn’t work that way!”

Over the past two years the Democrat party has been focused on one thing, find a way to impeach Trump. We have Representatives like Maxine Waters and Rashida Tlaib publicly announcing that is their plan with absolutely zero evidence. And now Tlaib is part of the Oversight Committee that looks for investigation opportunities. It seems she is too biased to be on that committee. However, Nancy Pelosi isn’t looking for fairness; she’s looking for dirt.

While there were many vital items I loved in Trump’s speech, the last one I loved was when he said we were not going to be a socialist country.

“We stand with the Venezuelan people in their noble quest for freedom — and we condemn the brutality of the Maduro regime, whose socialist policies have turned that nation from being the wealthiest in South America into a state of abject poverty and despair.

Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country.

America was founded on liberty and independence — not government coercion, domination, and control.

We are BORN FREE, and we will STAY FREE.

Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will NEVER be a socialist country.”

Many of us felt that cut at the very soul of many Democrat Representatives. I can tell you; it takes a confident, strong person to do what President Trump did at that podium. He is a leader that isn’t afraid to call out is enemies. And he only does that, because he has truth on his side.

Source: In SOTU address, Trump calls for end of resistance politics