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In First Week Biden Takes Jobs and Gives Welfare, That is What the Voters Wanted, Right?

During Democrat Joe Biden’s first week after seizing the White House, he signed a high volume of executive orders, including killing off jobs for Americans and forcing those same people onto Government dependence, in the name of rescuing them from hunger.

“Joe Biden signed two executive orders on Friday, one of which would increase federal food assistance and streamline the delivery of stimulus checks, as the president attempts to stabilize the economy without congressional assistance amid the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have to act now,” Mr. Biden said in remarks before he signed the orders. “We cannot will not, let people go hungry.” CBS News reported.

So the Government is going to feed hungry people who are now not allowed to work. Some people, who enjoy sitting at home doing nothing, will be happy.  Others who enjoy working will not be happy.

The Left is constantly trying to sell the American people the idea that they will enjoy being home and taking government assistance. Yet, President Donald J. Trump had a historic victory on the idea of selling the American people more opportunities to work.

Yet here we are again with the Democrats and their media allies telling us Biden is a hero.

Jobs, employment, and the right to work are concepts that divide Americans and have for much of our country’s history forcing citizens to choose between the two camps of “Crony Capitalism” or “Free Market Capitalism”.

President Trump’s agenda was Economic Nationalism for all, Jobs and American Citizens First, and it resonated well with many marginalized minority communities which the left demands would prefer to be on Government assistance rather than work.

Trump disagreed that people would prefer to be dependant on the Government and reached out to those communities with the promise that they could work and be respected.  It worked for him.

Now Democrats are putting people back on the Government’s bill.

Democrats and their allies come down on the side of Big Government and centralized Government power over employment issues because they love to think of themselves as having power.

Many Republicans and fee thinkers want a chance to work, be their own boss,  keep what they earn, build and innovate on their own because they love the idea of themselves creating things and being independent.  And therein lies the foundation of most of the conflicts that pit Americans against Americans.

Biden’s regime will undoubtedly spend his time in power trying to convince Americans of his heroic attempts to feed people and the need for Big Nanny Government policies, all while emboldening massive corporations, mostly from foreign governments to came and make their wealth on our natural resources.

We have been here before with numerous other Democrat rulers, and we are once again without a Champion for the American who wants to work in peace and feed their own families.

In the CBS article, they mention the role of the Republicans, ‘Some Republicans have questioned whether there is still a need for a second, larger relief bill after Congress passed a $900 billion bill in December. But in his remarks on Friday, Mr. Biden said that the most recent relief bill was just a “downpayment.”

The Republicans in DC want the Government to give Americans MORE money; that is their solution?  Is there anyone in DC who can complete the basic functions of a business?  The American Government doesn’t make money. They have no product to sell (or supposedly they don’t). They are supposed to be protecting Americans so that we can work.

It is almost as if the Republicans didn’t understand Trump’s Conservative-Populist style either.

Americans want to work and be left alone, not be handed back the crumbs of our own money from our Government Masters.

What do you think they are really doing under Biden?

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