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In Chicago, Dashcam Video Shows Two Gunmen Get Out Of Their Vehicle and Begin Shooting At Other Cars [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Chicago’s weekend gun fun began early last week when gunshots rang out at a busy traffic light in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood all caught on dashcam video.

Huber Pereznegron was waiting at a red light about half-past 10 in the morning on Thursday when a shootout began in the middle of traffic. Broad daylight!

“I see one guy getting out of the backseat with a rifle,” Pereznegron told WMAQ-TV. “I really didn’t think too much of it, because I didn’t think it was real, until the second person got out, then I saw him with another gun.”

Pereznegron had a dashcam setup in his vehicle that caught the horrifying moment on video as well as Pereznegron and the passenger in his vehicle

The dashcam in Pereznegron’s vehicle captures the moment of the spine-chilling shootout as well as the reactions by Pereznegron and the passenger in his car’s reactions to what was going down right in front of them.

The video that has gone viral reveals two men exiting a red sedan in front of Pereznegron’s vehicle who then open fire at another vehicle close to the traffic light at E 86th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway.

“He starts shooting and all of the sudden the magazine falls out and he stops shooting or otherwise it could have been a lot worse,” Pereznegron told WBBM-TV.

When shots started ringing out, Pereznegron said “I ducked, but I wanted to see.” He and his passenger tried to crouch down in the front seat to avoid being hit by stray bullets, but they needed to see what was going on at the same time.

He couldn’t even back up out of there because there was bumper-to-bumper traffic boxing them in.

“I wanted to reverse, but I was kind of trapped,” Pereznegron said. “I really couldn’t go anywhere. I was stuck.”

Also, like foxholes, there are no atheists in street shootouts.

“All that I was thinking, hoping the other guys were not going to shoot back towards us,” he said.

So many things go through your mind in situations like that, and incredibly, the human brain can process it all and it puts a million instant decisions into a survival hierarchical order.

Both gunmen quickly withdrew and got back to their vehicle, and then sped off.

The shots that rang out by the two gunmen set off what’s called a ShotSpotter that was nearby. A ShotSpotter is an audio sensor that alerts police that there is gunfire near it. In Chicago, Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Incredibly, there were no injuries were reported.

Chicago police said they have started an investigation and so far there haven’t been any arrests made. Even though they can clearly see the license plate on the shooters’ vehicle, Chicago PD has so many shootings to deal with every week in the Windy City that they have to give priority to shooting incidents that happen where someone is shot and wounded or worse. In Chicago, they call that “every weekend” for short.

“They don’t really care anymore when they go out, who sees them or what they do,” Pereznegron said of criminals in Chicago. “I’m not sure what’s going on through their mind. This stuff needs to stop. There was a lot of innocent people around them.”

Pereznegron said that he installed his dashcam six months ago after he got into a car accident.


Two Saturdays ago video captured yet another shooting on a Chicago street where a couple were dragged out of their car and shot to death point blank. Police said the man and woman were ambushed and killed execution-style.


As I noted, Chicago weekends are brutal, this past weekend being no exception seeing at least 43 people, including two minors, shot this weekend as of Sunday afternoon. Two of the shooting victims died, according to WBBM.

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