There have been billions of dollars spent trying to help a mentally and physically aging man, into the White House. And according to the vote totals, this man crushed what Barak Hussein Obama was able to get in 2008 as America celebrated electing the first back American to the highest office in our land.

To make sure this man, Joe Biden, did not blow it, they kept him in his basement, for the most part, and used big tech to prevent voters from finding out the truth about Joe’s ineffective 47 years in politics and the Biden crime syndicate featuring his son Hunter.

While Biden was in the basement, President Trump was packing out 4-6 rallies a day all the way up the morning of election day.

Think about this, President Trump was getting 2-3 times more people, at rallies in the winter in states like Wisconsin, than Joe got via C-Span, on the day he officially received votes from state Electors’ totaling over 270.

Yes, the man who did not campaign, but hid in his basement, reportedly just received 80,000,000 votes, yet was only able to generate 15,000 views of his celebration speech. It should have been a great day for the “most popular Democrat in world history” after the 50 states put forth their electoral college vote today.

Here is how the people watching felt about what they just saw.

No Joe did not get 80 million votes, and shame on him for perpetuating the lie.

The left doesn’t care that they are deceiving their supporters, it is all about power, and removing the nationalist, President Donald J. Trump from office.

In the end, if Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, we would have watched the biggest fraud in American history.