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Impeachment “Witness” Fiona Hill Has Ties to Soros, Russia and Steele Dossier

Fiona Hill was allegedly the star witness at President Trump’s first impeachment trial. But, it is she that is wrapped up in ties to George Soros, Russia, and the Steele Dossier. She was an adviser to Soros’ Open Society Institute from 2000 to 2006.

She was a professor to Russian Igor Danchenko and later worked with him at the far left Brookings Institute. She had ties to both Chris Steele and Joseph Mifsud of the dossier fame. The main source for the dossier was Russian Igor Danchenko.

Hill claimed that she was non-partisan at the impeachment hearing, but she had close ties to everyone on the other side. You may remember that Rep Devin Nunes caught Hill lying at the impeachment trial.

She was not the main character in foreign affairs that she claimed to be. She was also involved with Alexandra Chalupa who worked for the Hillary campaign and got some in the Ukraine government to push a fake paper in an effort to tie Trump to Russia.


West shares the following on the Republican response to Schiff’s sham and Hill’s response to questions:

Reluctant or unable to imagine the war in these terms, Republicans have rallied as misdirected. In Adam Schiff’s kangaroo court of an “impeachment inquiry,” they did not call out the treason all around, or even stand up on their hind legs and ask Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman if the intelligence official he admitted leaking the Trump-Zelensky phone call to was, as reported, Eric “Whistleblower” Ciaramella of the CIA. By the way, in her October 14 deposition, Fiona Hill, another star chamber witness this week, *forgot* that it was Ciaramella who was NSC Ukraine director when she joined the White House. 

President Trump recently had this to say about Hill:

Fiona Hill was terrible at her job. The first time I remember hearing her name was during Impeachment Hoax # 1, where she worked hard to say anything bad, but there wasn’t much. It was a total con job. She may have been in the Oval and conference rooms with me, but this was not anybody who I recognized. Then she acted like she was a know-it-all, but in reality, she had no influence whatsoever.

She was very close to one of the dumbest and most “crazed” people in Washington, John Bolton. Both of them didn’t say much and what they did say wasn’t listened to, especially after Bolton’s statement that he wants the “Libya Model” on North Korea in the midst of my negotiation with Kim Jong Un. He made that statement on “Deface the Nation”, or “Meet the Fake Press”—it doesn’t matter, they’re all the same. Fortunately, Kim Jong Un understood how stupid he was, and wouldn’t allow him at meetings or dinners (I liked that).

Fiona Hill was a Deep State stiff with a nice accent. Books are being written by people like her who had virtually no access to me, and who I didn’t even know. They write it as if they’re experts on “Trump,” but they know absolutely nothing about me. My function was to save our Country and Survive. Unfortunately, when you look at what is happening now with Afghanistan, the Border, inflation, etc., our Country is not being saved. It is in big trouble!

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