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“Impeach him!” Fox News host Tucker Carlson shreds President Biden’s energy policies

God has blessed our country. This is what they were talking about. Yet suddenly, the United States is experiencing shortages of both food and energy.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson shreds President Biden’s energy policies as Americans struggle with high gas prices on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,” in an 18 min long blast!

“Here is our recap on the ever-changing rules of the world,” Carlson started out saying in the rant that went viral in a few hours of airing.

“The three things that any functioning country must have in ample supply are food, water and energy those are the three staples of life- not diversity, Equity and inclusion, but food, water and energy,” Tucker Carlson said- opening up a bombastic- 18 min long tirade about Democrat Joe Biden and the disaster he has created for the United States.

Here is a short clip:

” If you have a surplus of food, water, and energy, you win. If you don’t, you lose. Now, that may sound unfair, but we did not make the rules nature. We can choose to ignore them but those rules will never change. Sorry, thankfully for Americans, we live in a country that is remarkably abundant in all three of those things. The US has the most fertile, Farmland in the world. We’ve got more potable, fresh water than virtually any other place, and critically, and rarest of all, America has the largest recoverable oil reserves on the planet. We are number one in that category, and that matters maybe more than anything.

Now they may be telling you on CNN that so-called renewable energy windmills, solar panels, lots of power, the world, but that’s absurd and no one corrects them and somebody should because a lot is at stake. If your nine-year-old starts telling you, I’m like Superman; you have to correct him before he jumps off the garage, the stakes are high, so it is incumbent on the rest of us to point out the people telling you that have no idea what they’re talking about. We are not remotely close to a green Energy power grid or anything even approaching in fact as of today, The world is powered. As it has long been by fossil fuels fossil fuels, that’s one more than 80 percent of global energy comes from, not from windmills and solar panels from oil and gas and coal, and that is not going to change soon. In fact, the world’s fastest growing economies that would be India and China are using more fossil fuels than ever not less.

So why doesn’t every person in charge- from people who make the ads at Nike to the Energy Secretary to the president, had states to every anchor on every channel on television telling you exactly the opposite. What can the benefit of the doubt at best? They’re ignorant. They’re not Engineers. They are politicians and ideologue the ones telling you that boys can become girls just by wishing it so and it commanded the rest of us to believe that. But unfortunately for them the principles of social justice do not apply to power grids. You can’t just rename them and get something different. No you have to create new and better power grids and we’re nowhere near that and we will not be anywhere near that during the course of our lifetime. Sorry that’s reality.

For the foreseeable future of oil and gas are essential to civilization in an utterly non-negotiable way. And that should be great news for America.

Because here in the United States, we have a lot. We are rich because we are rich in natural resources. That’s why we won the second world war.

For example, when previous generations that people often did that, God has blessed our country. This is what they were talking about. Yet suddenly, strangely, the United States is suddenly experiencing shortages of both food and energy and that’s why prices of these things have risen because we don’t have enough of them. Does that happen? You should know. If you care about the future of America, your children’s future. You need to know how this happened.

Well, Joe Biden offered his explanation of how it happened today at an event in Ohio:
We made a credible Congress on the progress on the economy from where we were a year and a half ago. We got a long way to go because of inflation because of the I call it the Putin tax increase because of gasoline and all that Granny’s. Keep him from being able to get to the market. It’s just embarrassing. It’s grotesque actually at this point, is dangerous, and No One Believes a word of it because it’s probably untrue and we feel, this is a News Network, a moral responsibility to prove that, it’s not true. So here we go. Months before the war in Ukraine began in somehow, Vladimir Putin secretly seized control of gas prices. In the United States. How did he do that before? Any of that happen? The magic happens, sober. People petroleum analysis, firm called GasBuddy decided she was a simple calculation. They wanted to put Rising gas prices in content.

Did now they determined every year over year price change in gasoline prices in the United States, going back to And they found this from November of twenty 22 November of twenty. Twenty-one that would be roughly from election day to the end of Joe Biden’s. First year running, the country gas prices. In the United States went up by more than 66 percent, that was the single highest year-over-year increase since 2002, which happens to be the year that government started tracking those data. Now this happened before Russia invaded. Ukraine. Why did it happen? Super simple, Joe Biden. And the campaign Trail told us he was like Superman and then he proceeded to jump off the garage. He told us, he was going to end fossil fuels and because no one took him seriously because he’s senile and wasn’t actually going to win, no one followed up with what are you insane?

How are you going to do that? And so we kept going and he became president somehow and then he followed through on that. Promise you cancel pipelines. He terminated will and gas leases, he rejoined, the Paris climate agreement, which explains why we should. And by the way,

If the climate is such a crisis and I just sense of Crisis and China and India are using more fossil fuels, and they did 10 years ago, and nobody says, anything about it. Maybe they’re not really sincere about this, global warming thing. And then on top of all of that, Joe Biden, pump trillions more dollars to the US economy thereby devaluing the US dollar and making everything including energy more expensive. You know what happened? That’s all true and it was done on purpose, it was done to change. Our energy Supply from what is cheap efficient. And the source of all of our wealth to something that Biden and his donors control, be green economy, that will make us poor, and it’s in fact, causing famine around the world right now. So that’s what happened as a political matter. Since this is still sort of democracy. It happened way too fast. Let’s get the hell out of, people and polls showed that Democrats and Republicans about who they voted for. Were worried Above All About Rising Energy prices because it hurt them.

The by administration had found a scapegoat maybe that’s why they encourage them to do it in the first place, which they did. So Joe Biden started yelling, it’s poses price, as Putin did it, but that’s so dumb.

It’s so provably untrue, that no one believed it. Even people wanted to believe people voted for, by the W windmills and solar from. They couldn’t believe it because it’s absurd and an election year, that’s a huge problem. So the administration, Had to do something. That’s why in late March in an act of desperation, bidented may be the worst thing that he has done since becoming president. And that’s saying a lot, he started to sell off. One of this country’s most important natural resources, one of our most valuable assets from the Strategic petroleum reserve. The spr is controlled by the department of energy. So what body could have done is produce more oil domestically but that would have been too easy and too good for the United States and its long-term.

Instead, he decided to do something so crazy and so dangerous, that only someone who was intentionally trying to harm us would even consider it, but some people never even know this here was his announcement in case you missed it.

BIDEN: Today, I want to talk about one aspect of Putin’s War at effects and has real effects on the American people, Putin’s price hike at Americans and our allies are feeling at the pump. I know how much it hurts. Our prices are rising because of Putin’s actions. There isn’t enough Supply. And the bottom line is if we want lower gas prices, we need to have a more oil supply right now today, I’ve authorized the release of 1 million barrels per day. The next six months over 180 million barrels for Strategic from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This is a wartime bridge to increase oil supply until production ramps up later this year and it is by far, the largest release of our new National Reserve in our history, see what’s that. You realize that a whole point of the Joe Biden presidency is to humiliate the rest of us and think less of our own country.

CARLSON: The place where we were born, you can just imagine Barack Obama and Susan Rice and Ron klain people. Truly dislike the United States as currently constituted saying, let’s make this guy, president grind it in their face, value barely talk. So it’s hard to hear anything, Joe? Biden said because it’s hard for him to say anything, but if you listen carefully or read a transcript, you will learn what you just said is that we’re releasing a million barrels per day for a total of more than 180 million barrels from the Strategic petroleum reserves, held, in caverns in a couple of State. How much Is the Staggering figure? So let’s put it in context.

The reserve can hold more than one million barrels total, but it didn’t have that. Because Congress, by the way, as you haven’t been paying attention, has been selling off our strategic petroleum reserve to pay off debt. So by the time Joe Biden arrived, there was far less than there were a five hundred and sixty-eight million Barrels of oil, industry petroleum

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Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Cultural Marxism, grassroots activism, music, IndyCar racing and political campaigns.  @Saorsa1776

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