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Immigrants Decry Loss of America’s Election Integrity, Turn Into Witnesses At Michigan Senate Hearing with Giuliani

Immigrants Decry Loss of America’s Election Integrity, Turn Into Witnesses At Michigan Senate Hearing with Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, the Attorney for President Donald J. Trump, presented several witnesses for the first time before a bipartisan legislative committee in Michigan to discuss alleged election irregularities and fraud during the presidential election, in front of a hostile group with Democrats acting boldly to discredit the witnesses. Noteworthy was that three people who are immigrants from India to America and felt great pain about the loss of Election Integrity they witnessed, and they faced a female Black Democrat representative who freaked out continuously, had tantrums, and was out of control and rude many times. It was apparent that she was baffled about the process. All witnesses were sworn under oath by avadavats and offered to be sworn in, Giuliani repeated numerous times. Early drama when a Democrat attempted to push a political agenda to stop the hearing. Jenna Ellis explained that the participants should rise above politics and do their jobs. A woman named Jessy Jacobs, a city of Detroit employee as a Head Engineer. Worked 9-4 opening mail and sorting ballots. On Sept 22nd she had ballot packages with 50 ballot in the packages. She testified that she worked at Election Department to backdate ballots starting around September 16, all with different dates. About 80 workers worked to falsify ballots. “What I was taught it was not good, there were 20 25 people Sept 30 to Oct. 1, and I tried to log into the laptops they were not working. I was told by the instructor that I didn’t need a laptop. I needed to record the lecture. I got permission. It doesn’t matter if the address is wrong or if signatures are different; no application should be rejected. You have to do everything that the voter gets a ballot to vote, sometimes. If voters walk in, they have house number and street name, they wanted us to find everything, and if we can’t, then we should set aside and let Election Headquarters deal with it, then I don’t know what happened. You have to do everything to match the signatures. No ballots were rejected; if I rejected them, they were accepted by someone else. I worked there for a month. I remember that I rejected 2 or 3 ballots, and they got furious, and I would ask the supervisor,” Jacob said. “Did you see supervisors show people how to vote for Biden,” Giuliani said, and there was a pause…. Jacobs sighed, and paused, and deflated said, “Yes.” Jacobs said she saw a man intimidate voters, and “I knew it was wrong I didn’t say anything. I saw three men with Black Lives Matter shirts, one with a flag came in to drop off absentee ballots, one was cheering was taking photos. I knew it was wrong, but I was sitting there at my desk doing my processing jobs. I was told to stop asking for a driver’s license. I was not comfortable, and I would say in a low voice to as for their license, to make myself comfortable. For my own peace of mind, I asked for a driver’s license to verify the signature you are supposed to ask for before you start processing the ballot. I remember that I questioned someone and said that he said that the signature is from 10 years ago. He walked out,” Jacob said. She went on to say that about 100 ballots were spoiled and for all the sites 25,000-30,000 ballots. “Those are illegal ballots,” Giulani said. A Democrat participant started yelling and had to be told to be quiet. I don’t know what happened if they were shredded or not,” Jacobs said. There was a dispute over an absentee ballot. There was an issue because it was after the deadline, and her supervisor wanted it backdated; the issue was that the voter was registered in 2010. You are not supposed to give an absentee ballot, at that point, to an already registered voter. I wrote on a sticky note that the ballot was not valid. And I heard the supervisors talking about my note, and one said- She is right, but why should we punish voters for a processor’s mistake?” Jacobs said. “And they counted it.” The supervisor kept telling me to go more quickly, not to check signatures, not to write out notes. And the head supervisor told me not to worry about signatures that didn’t match. They humiliated me, treated me like a criminal, it was so bad. I am truthfully and sincerely working with the city for 34 years and very proud, and I never expected this treatment. “She said, almost crying. “They told me to get out, and one supervisor threw her badge at me. I couldn’t believe it. Then they refused to give me work,” she said. I am thankful for this country because I am who I am because of this country- I had high hopes to help. I am a Catholic and for my children. Thank you, Jesus. I like my supervisors in the engineering department, and I like all of my people. FACT CHECK ON HER TESTIMONY: One of the Democrats who berated Jacobs told her she was confused over laws, she wasn’t.
Jacobs got upset and said, “I worked for two months at the Election, but to the city I am thankful to the city Ms. Johnson,” she said. Democrats freaked out, yelled and threw a fit to intimidate Jacob. A woman named Melissa Carrone a Dominion Voting System was next. She also testified in front of the Senate Tuesday, who talked about the ballots and batches of ballots that were counted repeatedly. “They were counting the same ballots 9-10 times each. There were 20 to 24 machines. I observed this happening a thousand times. I saw a few Republicans. I know they were cheating,” Carrone said. “More people don’t come forward because Democrats like to ruin your life; we had 120% turn out. Why don’t people know this? I had to swear that my story was truthful, did you?” Carrone said. A Democrat representative, Cynthia Johnson, interrupted, screaming and yelling for the fourth or fifth time and being very rude, insisting Carrone be put under oath, and Carrone said she was under oath by an affidavit. Cynthia Johnson was yelling and screaming again, numerous times interrupting the chair many times. Two more witnesses talked about watching tabulations on the Dominion machines. One woman, named Hema, said that because of jams, there were over counts; she could not say how many or if it was done on purpose, but that people were counting ballots over and over. “The people didn’t get enough training. I am an immigrant; this country gave me a platform. I love this country. I have a lot of respect for this country; coming here where we have no one, we have courage, it is scary. I am very private, but I know what is at stake. I am saying this needs to be fixed; I am not saying who is right or wrong. How is our vote being duplicated, and seeing the fraud was heartbreak? The Democrat’s poll watchers were there to intimidate us and get us out. I had a Democrat telling me of getting these MFers, and then the poll workers were focused on White males for having a mask slip, which left us there with few numbers s. The GOP workers were treated differently than anyone else,” she said. Hema said that she witnessed racism: that white Republicans were mistreated and escorted out because of their skin color. It was heartbreaking to watch Americans being mistreated, treated like criminals, and escorted out to cheering mobs, and that was what made me decide to do this and talk. A man testified, “Employees were stealing boxes of duplicate ballots and take them around to different tables, around 4 AM we had a news shipmen of ballots, I saw Mr. Baxter bringing in boxes, each one about 600 ballots, put on 10 tables, I approximate about 50,000 ballots on the table. This was the second round of ballots. So with the shift change, people were tired. At 5 am, most people left. At 6 AM, Mr. Baxter said this is what Democracy looks like, and the workers cheered. There was an imbalance of poll workers. With the duplicate ballots, none were for Trump. Poll workers changed mixed ballots for straight ballots for Democrats; I saw them filling them out. Duplicates of ballots,” he said.
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