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‘I’m Collateral Damage’ Navarro Sounds The Alarm On J6 Hearing

Former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro slammed the FBI and Democrats for his recent arrest.

Former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” and slammed the FBI and Democrats for his recent arrest. Navarro accused them of trying to make an example out of him. Explaining that he is just ‘collateral damage’ for them in their pursuit to get Trump.

PETER NAVARRO: When you said shackled, Jesse, you weren’t talking metaphorically. I literally was put in leg irons and handcuffs, solitary confinement, in John Hinckley’s cell I was fondly told and taken at an airport by five FBI agents, me all 145 pounds of me, and 72 years of age. The funny thing, Jesse, grimly is that the FBI is literally across the street from me. They could have done this more civilly. It is about the spectacle tonight, Jesse, what we have and what I have been fighting against and for is a kangaroo committee that has weaponized the investigatory process. It’s issuing illegal and unenforceable subpoenas for the purpose, no other purpose other than smearing Donald Trump to prevent him from returning successfully to the White House in 2024 and Jesse, I’m collateral damage, I’m the guy that they want to scare and perhaps put in prison to make sure that folks like you and the rest of America will kowtow to their authoritarian ways.

You know, I’m — there is — at the center of this, Jesse, is executive privilege, which is a concept dating back to George Washington that goes to the heart of effective presidential decision-making. President Trump is invoking executive privilege in this case. It’s not my privilege to waive.

I have told the committee and the FBI and the Justice Department repeatedly go talk to President Trump’s attorneys. If they waive the privilege, I will do what the president directs me to. But, until that time, duty and honor and the constitution require me to do what I have done and all I got out of that was leg irons and what looks like to be a half a million dollar legal bill if this goes the distance.


Thursday marked day-1 of the January 6th hearing. If you watched any of it you will notice it’s widely different from any other hearing with lawmakers’ claims and snippets of testimonies. The sensationalization is intentional, admittedly by Adam Schiff who hired a TV producer to handle the filing to keep things interesting.

Erica Carlin
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