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Illegal Alien Poses as Rideshare Driver, Sexually Assaults and Records Women

An illegal alien from Ecuador has been arrested in a case where he posed as a rideshare driver, who sexually assaulted and recorded dozens of women whom he attacked. At the time of their assaults, the women were unconscious. Later he would steal their phones, their driver’s licenses, or both. At the time of his arrest, police found 16 driver’s licenses and 32 cellphones that he saved as trophies from the women he attacked.

Prosecutors allege that 43-year-old Raul Guaman is one of the most prolific sexual abusers of women since Bill Clinton. So far, three of the women have been identified.

Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini said:

“Police have recovered videos from the defendant’s cellphone, appearing to show him sexually abusing a number of women who are unconscious.”

Sini said that Guaman had recorded himself abusing a woman in her Brightwaters home he had broken into. “It would later be revealed that he had visited that same house on four other occasions and had secretly taken videos of another victim inside the home.”

Police discovered Guaman’s secret when he was stopped blowing through a stop sign and they found multiple IDs on him. When they investigated further they found the recordings he had made of his assaults. The police are now trying to identify additional women who were victimized by the illegal alien. Police accused him of a “pattern of predatory behavior with impunity.”

Suffolk County Police Acting Commissioner Stuart Cameron says it is one of the most shocking crimes he has ever seen. Some of the women who were victimized may not even know they were victims.

From The Blaze

“There does definitely seem to be a serial aspect to this case where he may have done this repeatedly over the course of years to numerous victims,” said Cameron.

Prosecutors said that he was facing deportation over his illegal immigration status, but he now faces 25 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

Keith Scott of the LI Safe Center says anyone using a ride-share app must use the safety measures.

“We are checking these taxis, these cabs before we get in, looking at license plates, checking the right make and model of the car, making sure the driver on our app is the right driver in front of us.”



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