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Illegal Alien Dems Used To Attack Trump Was Actually Deported Under Clinton, Flagged Under Obama

All of the media are busy fact-checking the RNC convention. (and getting it wrong I might add) but where were they during the DNC convention? Estela Juarez, daughter of Alejandra Juarez.

The eleven-year-old Estela told the Democrats that the evil orange man deported her mommy. The only problem with that is that it is a total lie.

Her mother was deported twice. Once during the Clinton administration after she was caught illegally entering the country.

She then tried to reenter a couple of times, claiming to be a citizen. She was deported again in 2018 but it had nothing to do with President Trump. She had been flagged in 2013 during the Obama/Biden administration.

I wonder if the Democrats lied to the girl or whether they convinced her to lie. Either way, it is a terrible thing to do to use a young child for your political purposes that require them to lie. If the girl knew the truth, she could have sent an email to Biden’s basement thanking him for her mommy having to go away rather than embarrass herself by lying on national television.

Juarez was first deported on May 21, 1998, as she illegally crossed the border. She was issued an expedited order of removal. At that time she claimed that she was a citizen.

Two days later she was caught crossing again and claimed she was a citizen. She finally admitted that she lied and was sent back into Mexico.

She finally was able to sneak into the country. She was flagged in 2013 and her deportation was a result of that and not anything President Trump did.

From The Western Journal

The problem with that is, however, that Alejandra Juarez’s deportation saga began anew back in 2013 — under the Obama administration.

Her identification was likely the result of a program that expanded the use of fingerprint checks by local police to identify illegal immigrants.

The program, Secure Communities, was originally a Bush-era initiative, though the Obama administration “vastly expanded” it, according to The Times. While fingerprints would normally be sent to the FBI to see if the person in question had outstanding warrants or a criminal record, Secure Communities allowed the fingerprints to be shared with the Department of Homeland Security so ICE could flag illegal aliens who it wished to deport.

“In Mrs. Juarez’s case, it was the 2013 encounter in Iowa that alerted Homeland Security to a deported migrant who reentered the U.S. without permission,” The Times reported.

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