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Ilhan Omar Scrambling As She is Vastly Outraised by Primary Rival Ahead of August Election

There is some bad news in Minnesota for Ilhan Omar. Her primary opponent,  Antone Melton-Meaux has outraised her by 7 to 1.

That is a huge difference and one that could very well unseat Omar after only one term.

The primary in Minnesota will be held next month in August.

And on top of that Melton-Meaux does not have a husband that he needs to support.

He can use all of the money he has raised for the campaign. Between April and June, he raised 3.2 million dollars and he now has $2 million cash on hand.

Omar currently has $1.1 million dollars on hand.

Melton-Meaux is a lawyer and a mediator and is running for public office for the very first time.

Omar has the support of local Democrats such as state House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Attorney General Keith Ellison.

They are campaigning to see who will be representing the fifth district for the next two years.

That district contains much of the city of Minneapolis.


Omar is a member of the group known as “The Squad.” She has gained national recognition for three things.

Fighting for terrorists, bashing President Trump and paying her husband’s company over $1.1 million dollars.

She and her current husband and herself were married earlier this year. Both were married when they began their affair and they were married right after their divorces became final.×106.jpg

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