Representative Ilhan Omar said the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is low on officers because cops are “unwilling to work.”

MPD just began 2021 with about 200 fewer officers than it had at the start of 2020 after losing 105 cops during a year filled with riots and anti-police sentiment. During a usual year, the department would expect to lose just over 40 officers. The city now has just 638 active officers.

A lot of the cops who aren’t showing up for work are claiming PTSD, Chief Medaria Arradondo and Financial Director Robin McPherson recently explained to the Minneapolis City Council.

However, Omar and her district director, Kendal Killian, apparently don’t see validity in these claims.

“The police are just refusing to come to work,” the congresswoman claimed in a recent Twitter post.

Well, first off, that’s a lie.   I’m sorry, but to say that Minneapolis hasn’t passed a single policy that changes the makeup of the police department is a lie.  Minneapolis City Council recently voted to cancel the Minneapolis Police Department but to keep the police officers.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the plan these geniuses came up with will create a new Department of Public Safety which will have “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement.”  I bet the people of Minneapolis are feeling safer already.

At first, the Minneapolis City Council voted to abolish the police department, and now they are making good on that promise even though they are lying by claiming they’re not abolishing the police department, they’re just getting rid of it and replacing it with another department they just made up.

On June 12 the City Council voted unanimously to support a pledge to abolish the police causing a massive exodus of cops.

Back in June, even Axios wrote that Omar supported the idea of dismantling the police department.

Kendal Killian, Omar’s District Director also made a similar statement, alleging that the high erosion rate of Minneapolis police officers is because the cops  would “rather snowmobile than do their jobs.”

This know-nothing fool once berated Minneapolis cops calling them “insecure babies” and “cowards” and “scardy-cats [sic]” and said that supporting law enforcement was “an attempt to maintain white supremacy.”  This guy is a whackjob and he works for an elected member of the US House of Representatives.

Nonetheless, the Minneapolis police tell a very different story.

One officer wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Star Tribune where she specifically said. “I did not retire because I wanted to retire, despite many thinking 37 years was enough. I didn’t feel as if I was done just yet. I still had a mission to complete and that is what makes leaving difficult.”

Kim Voss, the officer who wrote the op-ed added that the total lack of support from city leadership after police officers were attacked by a mob of animals, many of who now suffer from PTSD.  Yokels like Omar and her sidekick Killian go on to say how horrifying it was for members of Congress on January 6 compared to cops who have had thousands of people in their face wanting to kill them.

“It’s hard to get up every day and be happy to go to your job feeling like damaged goods,” she said. “I received over 4,000 voicemails of vitriolic hate, and I didn’t have a phone left or a desk to put a phone on. My office had been firebombed.”

What happened to George Floyd at the hands of several Minneapolis cops was a horrible scene and his death a tragedy.   Even though it has been shown by the coroner that Floyd didn’t die by the officers but by an overdose of fentanyl, it still was a horrifying scene.   But there is no justification for what happened afterward when mobs of violent rioters and looters went through the city and destroyed everything they could get their hands on.   It seems that the politicians in City Council, the Mayor’s office, and even the Governor’s office were scared to death that the violent mob would go after them, so it appears that they came down on the cops and used them as the scapegoat to show that they were on the right side of the Woke Supremacy.  But their actions have harmed the city more than any mob because they are dismantling the police force and causing a massive exodus of good cops.  The people of Minneapolis will be hurt the most.