The Nelson County Republican Party wrote Senator Mitch McConnell on Tuesday demanding he immediately resign from his leadership position in the Senate.

This is the direct result of McConnell’s op-ed blasting Donald Trump.

In Kentucky, McConnell now has an approval rating of just 18%.

It’s not as bad as Liz Cheney’s 13%, but that is like saying that syphilis is better than AIDS. It’s true but still not good.

Three more counties have called for McConnell to step down as Minority leader.

The odds of him doing that are slim since the higher position he holds the more money he will make from China.

It is unlikely he could win another term in the Senate and there is a good chance he will lose his position after the 2022 midterm elections, especially if Trump is the kingmaker I expect him to be.

i suspect that Republicans running for the Senate will have to take a stand on whether they would vote to retain McConnell as Republican leader.

It will be politically wise to just say no to McConnell. Nelson County Chairman Don Thrasher pointed out McConnell’s “complete and total disdain for the will of your constituents” for the reason for the letter.

Nelson county was joined by Butler, Simpson, and Hart Counties.