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Ice Cube Tells CNN’s Cuomo Trump Campaign Wants To Discuss His ‘Contract With Black America’ While Biden Campaign Said To Wait Until After Election

First of all, when Chris Cuomo, arguably the dumbest of the Cuomos, introduced Ice Cube to his show he called him “brother.”  “Thank you for taking the opportunity, brother, I appreciate it.”  Cube sat there with a look on his face that said he wanted to say “don’t call me brother,” but then he thanked Cuomo for having him and right away scolded Fredo for saying his lead-in are a little misleading.

Of course they’re misleading.  It’s CNN for goodness’ sake.

Cube reminded the anchor that he created the “Contract With Black America” and not the “Platinum Plan” that Cuomo teased.  He also pointed out that he didn’t run to work with any campaign, as Cuomo, and others, have tried to say that Cube chose Donald Trump over Joe Biden.  He told the CNN audience that both campaigns contacted him, and that both campaigns wanted to talk to him about the Contract With Black America.  The Biden campaign told him they love what he has, but they won’t talk to him about it until after the election, while the Trump people said they love what he has and they wanted to talk to him right away.

So, to correct Fredo who was insinuating that Cube chose Trump over Biden, the truth of the matter is the Biden campaign didn’t want to talk to him while Trump campaign did, and so he talked about his program with the campaign that wanted to talk about it.  It wasn’t choosing one over the other at that point.

This was plain as day after Cube explained it, but Cuomo wasn’t having any of it.  Cuomo was trying to make it sound like he was running to the Trump side over Biden, because liberals, especially the dumb ones, think in binary terms when it come to politics.  You are either full blown progressive or you’re a white supremacist.  What a moron.

Fredo then argued with him on a petty point, saying, “I didn’t say you ran to anybody.  I said you had taken a pivot.”  What’s the difference, Chris?

Cube then reminded him, “You said I ran over to the Trump team instead of the Biden team,” he said.  “That’s just not true.”

Cuomo continued to be annoying saying “Well, you are working with the Trump team instead of the Biden team.”

This is why I say that Chris is arguably the dumbest of the Cuomos.  Cube just got done telling him he didn’t pick a side, he was merely talking to the campaign that wanted to talk to him about his program, while the other campaign did not.

Cube said he was willing to work with both teams, and really was willing to work with who was willing to work with him.  Team Biden was not willing to work with him until after the election, and team Trump was willing to work with him right away.  It’s a very simple dynamic, but for some reason it’s harder than quantitative methods for Chris Cuomo.

Cube went on to talk about the reasons he created Contract With Black America, the first item he spoke of being the wealth gap in America.  He said he wasn’t going to talk about minorities, or people of color, or diversity, no more politics.  He just wants to talk about the real problems that the black community face and he wants to work on solutions.[

President Trump is the one to work with, because before the Chinese virus hit, the black community saw the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for black workers.  Though the Obama-Biden administration talked for eight long years about doing prison reform, they never came through for the black community, but Donald Trump did when he signed the First Step Act into law, which reversed the horrible 1994 Crime Bill signed into law by President Bill Clinton that put black people in prison for long sentences over non-violent crimes.  Joe Biden WROTE the 1994 Crime Bill.  Trump, with the stroke of a pen, reversed it by giving prisoners who were screwed over by Biden’s bill a second chance at life and being released early from prison.  That’s real prison reform, and most black leaders will not give Trump credit for it, because they have lied about him for four years claiming he’s a racist.

If Donald Trump is a racist then he is the worst racist who ever lived.  Would a racist president increase the grants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) the way Trump did?  Did you know that under Obama, those heads of those universities had to come hat-in-hand begging for money every year?  Donald Trump felt that was beneath the prestige of these schools, so unlike Obama or any other past president, President Trump added the increases in grants for HBCUs to the budget, so that every year they would get the money without having to come to the Washington swamp and grovel for the money.  A racist would never do that.

Cube then told Cuomo that he was doing this for descendants of slaves, real African Americans, and if anyone has a problem with that, then it must be a personal thing.

Well, Ice, they do have a problem with that, because they think you’re leaving the Democrat plantation (their belief, not mine, because that term is insulting), and they’re be damned if they allow you to give Trump a win, not realizing it would be black Americans who got the win.

The moron Cuomo then said “Here’s the problem and it is very personal, as you know for a lot of people of color.  Because they’ll say, why would you pick Trump when he said there’s no such thing as systemic inequality.”

Again, this brain dead house plant can’t get it through his thick skull that Cube isn’t picking Trump, he is simply working with the people who said that wanted to work with him.  And we’re supposed to believe that Fredo earned his way into Yale and didn’t get in because of Daddy being the former governor of New York?  Please.

Here’s the thing.  The Left now has to take Ice Cube down a few pegs for even talking to the Trump campaign.  They are not going to let him get away with it easily.  This is why so many black people who come up with great ideas walk away in time, because the hate from the Left over race issues trumps (no pun intended) all the good they’re trying to do, so they give up to make the attacks stop.  The way the Left attacks you is so vicious that many people don’t think it’s worth putting up with the coming onslaught of attacks to get involved.

You have a CNN news anchor arguing with a leader in the black community who is trying to do something to get black Americans to no longer have to rely on white liberals to get ahead, because the Left doesn’t want black people free from all of that dependency.  They want them dependent on government, so that they can feel good about themselves when they push for government programs to help black people.

Here’s the bottom line.  I commend Ice Cube for what he’s doing.  He’s trying to get black Americans to recognize that they as a group have a commodity that people should respect.   He needs to know that Donald Trump will help him get his program started and will work with him.  For goodness’ sake, Trump worked with the communist Van Jones to do prison reform, he’ll certainly work with Ice Cube for the Contract With Black America.

During this segment Cuomo behaved as the epitome of white liberals who want to keep that stranglehold on the black vote, because folks, that’s all it’s about for them.  Trump knew he would never get more than 10 percent of the black vote, but he did the things he did anyway, because no matter how much the Left lies about him, Trump did those things because they were the right thing to do and he cares about people.  He doesn’t care about race, and that’s really hard for liberals to grasp at this point, because they’ve lied so much about our president and now they cannot allow a pop culture icon like Ice Cube to work with the man they claim is so racist he’ll never do it.


Whether Cube will endorse Trump or Biden is still not clear.  He shouldn’t endorse either one, because it appears he is very sincere with what he wants to do, and endorsing one over the other turns it all political, and he’s already said he’s not about that.  Godspeed, Cube.

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