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Ice Cube Likes Trump’s ‘Platinum Plan’ For Being Aimed Toward Black Americans

Rapper, actor, and black America activist Ice Cube pffft’d at criticism of his work with President Donald Trump on the “Platinum Plan” for black Americans and praised the president’s latest educational and economic plans over being “aimed toward black Americans.”

Yes, folks, this is real.  The message is finally getting through that Donald Trump has gone out of his way to make black American lives better, and Joe Biden’s policies would be disastrous for black Americans as much as everyone else.  I would even argue it would be worse for black Americans.

When you temporarily lay your biases aside and consider the achievements the Trump administration has already accumulated for black Americans you see that he’s not the racist the Left has made him out to be, but a man who makes and keeps his promises.

Last month, Cube shocked the left in Hollywood elsewhere when he said he worked with the Trump administration on a plan to improve the lives of blacks. Ice Cube said the Democrats wanted to wait until “after the election” to work with him on a plan for black Americans.  We reported when the rap star appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time show with host Chris Cuomo, who is arguably the dumbest of the Cuomos. where Cube talked about his “Contract with Black America” and at that time, not the “Platinum Plan.”  What Cube was trying to relate was the both the Biden and Trump campaigns reached out to him over his Contract with Black America program, and while the Biden campaign told him they liked what he had to say, but they couldn’t sit down with him until after the elect, the Trump campaign told Cube that they liked what he had to say and wanted to meet with him immediately.  Cuomo kept saying that Cube chose work with the Trump people over Biden, because he couldn’t get it through his thick skull that Cube told him repeatedly that he would work with both teams and that the Biden people didn’t want to sit down with him until after he loses the election and Trump’s people were interested in talking now.

In a nanosecond, the rapper was attacked by leftists and celebrities.  MSNBC’s talker Joe Scarborough, who oddly enough looks like the kid with the banjo up on the bridge in that movie, accused Ice Cube of siding with racism for working with Trump on the Platinum Plan.

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Ice Cube dismissed Scarborough as just another pundit “popping off.”  Speaking of popping off, wasn’t the banjo kid accused of killing a woman years ago?  But I digress.

“Who cares?” Ice Cube said on Mornings With Maria. “At the end of the day, they’re mad because I’m just willing to work with anybody that’s willing to work with me to see some of these things that’s in the contract with Black America come to pass.”  That is a man of integrity and guts.  It is incredibly difficult to do the right thing when you have an entire culture of hate against the person you want to work with to help millions of black Americans.

Bartiromo asked Cube what he thinks of Donald Trump’s “Platinum plan.”

“I like that it’s aimed towards black Americans, you know, that’s the key,” Cube said. “I just think whatever we do got to be aimed towards black Americans.”

And folks, he’s not being controversial here.  Democrats spent over a hundred years making life for black Americans hell, and it’s going to take some time and effort to get rid of all the barriers and obstacles they put up to hold black people down.  While the Trump administration has been wildly successful in helping black Americans earn more money, gain more self dignity and improve their own lives, too many black Americans still live in cities run by progressive Democrats who create laws that make it nearly impossible for black people to get ahead.  The federal government doesn’t have the power to change that, but there are many things that can be done, and Ice Cube seems to have caught onto that idea, and is willing to put his name, his money, and his legacy on the line to make things happen, and I for one respect and praise him for his efforts.  Screw the naysayers.

Cube admitted that he’s “been getting pushback ever since I came out with the Contract with Black America, from everybody who really don’t want us to … have real demands, but people who just want us to basically shut up and vote and I’m not going to do that.”

“I’m a citizen of this country just like everybody else, and I can say what I want to say,” Cube said. “I’m not aligned with anybody’s personal views,” he added.  “I only care about what they do in public as far as helping the public and you know, empty rhetoric, empty talk, everybody’s popping off, at the end of the day we need to get what we need in this country to survive. If we don’t get that, this country won’t survive.”  Amen.

Cube replied to criticism he received for coming up with solutions for black people.

“What we know is we’ve been part of both parties as at some point in American history, and our situation hasn’t changed. So, we have to do something different,” he said, adding that he’s “pleading with not only the government but the private sector to come up with a solution that can help America.”

Cube also said he’s not making assumptions or taking anything or anyone for granted, including any work he’s going to do with the Trump administration.

“I feel people want something different other than empty promises. Right now, these are just campaign promises. That’s all they are… they’re just words on a piece of paper,” he said. “We really need help. I’m sick of playing this political game.”

Ice Cube has no idea how backwards perceptions are.  Progressives take the black vote for granted, because to them they’re not political advantageous anymore.  Conservatives, who progressives have done a good job accusing them of racism, are the true patriots who don’t give a rat’s behind who or what you are, your skin color, religion or sexual orientation.  So long as you love America and want to be the best you can be, you are welcome home.  I think Cube could be one of the first big names from Hollywood that will learn what it’s like to go against the progressive grain and have your ideas become wildly successful working with Trump and other conservatives.  He’s certainly off to a good start.

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