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I Am Woman, Even If I Need To Shave, Have A Man’s Body And Sing Baritone. (VIDEOS)

Cultures from the beginning of time have established various norms, and laws to enforce them, which in return helped establish a community. Some people, in every community have various mental illnesses ranging from kleptomaniacs to serial killers.

To help those struggling with these illnesses, mental institutions were established, medications developed, and prisons for those who, feeling a compulsion to do wrong, act them out against in spite of their ability to not do them.

In the 21st century, several Western countries, have forgone science, anatomy, reasoning to allow people to decide what their gender is, if any, and expect the 99.9 percent of the remaining citizens, to accommodate this group.

The result is, the police and judicial systems are required to use the “proper” pronouns, arrest techniques, and incarcerate these criminals with the population they “identify” with. This has lead to rapes, when men identifying as women, then decide they want to have man-woman sexual relations in their cells with the girls, against their will.

Here is a video from 1975, from a feminist, proclaiming She Is Woman

Here is someone obviously a man, threatening to beat up the employee who is having trouble calling him “MAM”

Here national guardsman, trying to put a man in handcuffs, whom after if he finally subdued, says he is a woman and wants them to call him by his desired pronouns?

I could go on with stories of people who are now culturally trying to live with people who don’t accept who they were born as. Instead of living with us peaceably, they want us to change our realities, instead of them figuring out why they have Gender Dysphoria.

Everyone should be treated with respect, but there have to be some norms to maintain a functioning culture, and the natural response to call someone based on their physical characteristics but be allowed to remain.

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