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Hypocrite-in-Chief Gavin Newsom Got Caught Vacationing in a State That Is On California’s Travel Ban List

Maybe he thought there was another French Laundry there?

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is justifying getting caught vacationing in Montana, a state that California is boycotting and has a travel ban on. Apparently, any state that does not adhere to Newsom’s LGBTQ+ policies has been banned by the governor. So far there are 22 states on the banned list. California is severely broken.

Last month, Newsom left the Golden State with his family and didn’t tell anyone where they were traveling. California officials initially didn’t respond to questions of why the governor’s travel itinerary was not made public. According to Cal Matters, it is unusual for Newsom to not let the world know what he’s doing when he leaves his prison colony.

He probably tweets when he’s going to use the bathroom.

On Tuesday, Emily Hoeven, a Cal Matters reporter, revealed on social media that Newsom traveled with his family to Montana, where his in-laws own a ranch, the AP reported.

The problem for Mr. Hypocrisy is that Montana is one of the states that’s on the California travel ban list. The ban includes the barring of “state-sponsored” travel to states that the California loonies in government say have discriminated against the alphabet people.

The Sacramento Bee reported that the revelation that Newsom traveled to a banned state is bringing up new accusations of hypocrisy. First it was The French Laundry, where Newsom violated his own stay at home orders, and was seen at a private party with multiple people sitting at a dining table, and no one was wearing masks or even attempting to social distance. Then he was seen at an NFC Championship game, not wearing a mask and posing with celebrities.

This is the epitome of how elitist rulers behave. They impose rules on their subjects, then disregard them when they are inconvenient for themselves.

Get this. Newsom is defending his hypocritical travel plans, claiming his vacation doesn’t violate the California travel ban.

Anthony York, a senior adviser to the hypocrite governor, told Cal Matters, “We don’t legislate where people vacation. Never have. The travel ban applies to expending state funds. The Governor’s travel is not being paid for by the state.”

But then, when York was asked if the taxpayers were footing the bill for Nesom’s security team while staying in Montana, he refused to answer.

“We don’t comment or provide details on the governor’s security,” York said.

In other words, yes. The California taxpayers are paying for Newsom’s security while staying in a state that California has banned. Therefore, Gavin Newsom has violated the travel ban to the letter because his security people are paid by state funds. According to Politico, California governors in the past, when traveling out of state, have used California Highway Patrol for security, and they are certainly paid for with taxpayer dollars.

If Gavin Newsom didn’t have double standards, he would have no standards at all.

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