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Husband of Teacher Killed in School Massacre Dies of a Heart Attack

The husband of the slain teacher dies of a heart attack two days later.

Irma Garcia was one of 21 victims who were gunned down at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Two days later, her husband, Joe Garcia had a fatal heart attack, which added tragedy to disaster. The couple had been married for 24 years and it seems that he could not live without her. If this does not touch your heart, you are a Democrat, but if you seek to use their deaths for political gain, you are.

David Harris Jr has started a Give Send Go for their children. Please visit:

The goal is $100,000 dollars and as of 11:00 PM EDT the total is USD $31,776 and still climbing. Thank you for your generosity.

Irma Garcia’s nephew wrote on Twitter:

“EXTREMELY heartbreaking and come with deep sorrow to say that my Tia Irma’s husband Joe Garcia has passed away due to grief.”

“i truly am at a loss for words for how we are all feeling, PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY, God have mercy on us, this isn’t easy.”

“the pain doesn’t stop,”

Too many died in the school because the police who arrived just four minutes after the first shot was fired, refused to enter the building for fear of being shot at. Border patrol agents arrived and entered the building and shot the gunman who died of his wounds. Whomever made the decision to stand idly by as children were being slaughtered must be made to pay for his or her action. The shooting continued for 36 minutes after the police arrived. That is totally unacceptable.

From CBS

Dying from grief, known as broken heart syndrome, is caused by a surge of stress hormones, according to the American Heart Association, that is usually caused by an emotionally stressful event. The death of a loved one is a common reason for the stress-induced cardiomyopathy. 

According to the association, it is often misdiagnosed as a heart attack because of similar symptoms. Both attacks display a dramatic change in rhythm, but there are no blocked arteries in broken heart syndrome. 

Martinez said the couple were high school sweethearts and have four children, ages 23, 19, 15 and 13. 

“No child should have to go through this,” Martinez tweeted. “My heart breaks for them.” 

fourth-grader who survived Tuesday’s shooting told CBS affiliate KENS-TV that Irma Garcia and another teacher who was killed, 44-year-old Eva Mireles, saved his and other kids’ lives. 

“They were in front of my classmates to help,” he said. “To save them.” 

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