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Hunter Biden’s Missing Gun Was Thrown In Trash Bin Outside Supermarket By Hallie Biden – No Arrests Were Made

A source with knowledge of this story came forward and revealed to TheBlaze that in October of 2018, Hunter Biden’s handgun was taken from his vehicle without his knowledge or permission by Hallie Biden, his brother’s widow who was the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Beau, and she threw it into a garbage can outside a Delaware supermarket.  Remember, the degenerate Hunter Biden began sleeping with his dead brother’s wife.  What a family, right?

However, after a thorough search, the gun could not be found, the source said. And after law enforcement was contacted and both Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden were questioned, no arrests were made and no charges were filed.  Gee, I wonder how that happened?

Delaware State Police on Thursday said the case was referred for a decision on prosecution to the Delaware Department of Justice.  Does anyone believe that the man who for 47 years was a senator from Delaware, vice president for 8 of those years, and could be the next president of the United States is going to have charges filed against his son?

The source additionally said agents from the Secret Service as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives visited the shop where Hunter Biden bought the gun prior to any report being filed.

In 2018, Hallie and Hunter Biden had been in a relationship and went public the year before. That relationship ended in 2019.  On the date of the incident, Oct. 23, 2018, the source told TheBlaze that Hallie Biden searched Hunter Biden’s vehicle, discovered a handgun, took it, and then  later threw it in a trash can beside a grocery store.

The source added that later Hallie Biden contacted Hunter, and told him what she did. Hunter then told her to go back to find the gun.   She later told Hunter that she tried, but she just couldn’t find it.

We don’t yet know why she felt the need to take the gun in the first place, and that’s probably as whole other dark story.  A lot of speculation comes to mind when you learn the incident happened the same day they broke up.

When Hunter got to the supermarket, the source said he told law enforcement the gun was purchased earlier in October, and that he used it for target practice and stored it in his vehicle instead of Hallie Biden’s house, because he didn’t want it to be close to her kids.

The source also revealed that when Hunter Biden was asked by law enforcement if he had contacted anybody about this incident, he asked if that meant his father, Joe Biden, and then said, “I have never called my dad for anything” and that he always handled his own affairs.  Weird, right?

After two hours the gun wasn’t found, and the source said law enforcement let Hunter and Hallie Biden leave the scene. The source added that Hunter retrieved the case for the gun, which had the serial number, and turned it over to the authorities.  The source then said a description of the gun and its serial number were entered into the National Crime Information Center website.

The scenario probably counts up a number of Delaware laws, including laws that make it a criminal offense to leave a loaded firearm where children would possibly find it.

The source said that the ATF asked the of owner of the shop for the file on Hunter Biden’s gun purchase, and that a copy was provided.  Also that Secret Service agents visited the shop before a report being filed, and that they needed to find the gun.

It’s still unclear why the Secret Service would have gotten involved in the matter, since we know that the Secret Service protection detail for Hunter Biden ended in July of 2014.

Hunter Biden is a very troubled man.  He’s a drug addict and has had many shady business deals come to light recently that involve his father, the man running for president.  Evidence has been produced that shows Joe Biden got his son to become that godfather of the Biden Crime Family, getting him to work for firms that paid very lucrative amounts of money to buy the influence of Joe’s political offices he held.  What kind of man would put his own son into positions like that, knowing how troubled he was?  I’m not going to presume I know everything that goes on in the Biden crime family, but from the outside, we can plainly see that Hunter has some serious issues he needs to deal with, and based on the documents that have recently been verified as authentic by government officials, Joe Biden looks like a real scumbag who will never win the Father of the Year award.

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