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Hunter Biden’s FARA Problem Could Land Him In Prison

What are the odds Hunter Biden does a day in prison when the DOJ is so corrupt?

The New York Post reported that Hunter Biden did not register as a foreign agent for the times he was running business deals overseas.

Some experts said it is possibly a crime that might result in him being sent to prison. Does anyone reading this believe Hunter Biden will go to prison for not registering as a foreign agent when he was doing work overseas for the Biden crime family?

Actually, no one in political circles goes to prison for that unless you work for Donald Trump. Paul Manafort found that out. Greg Craig, Barack Obama’s former White House Legal Counsel, was hired by Manafort to do work overseas. He didn’t register as a foreign agent, but he was acquitted while Manafort around the same time was convicted and sent to prison. That’s because of the DC double standard. Democrats get away with what Republicans get convicted.

The Post reported that Biden was registered as a lobbyist for domestic interests, however; he was not registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). For Democrats, that usually means they have to claim it was a simple mistake and then back date the forms and all is forgotten.

What would get him in trouble, if his father wasn’t the most corrupt president we’ve ever had, is charges concerning tax violations and lying when buying a firearm when he responded to a question about having a drug habit that he did not.

The years-long investigation was being considered by DOJ officials as to what to do about it, surrounding the Biden crime family’s foreign business schemes all when Joe Biden was vice president. The laptop from hell unveiled that Joe Biden met with Hunter about two-and-a-half dozen times either at the vice president’s home at the Naval Observatory or at the White House. Joe Biden said multiple times when asked that he never spoke to his son Hunter about his overseas business deals. Apparently, he lied each and every time. But he has a D next to his name, so all is forgiven in the eyes of the Democrats and the misinformation news media.

Jonathan Turley, a liberal (but honest) law professor at George Washington University, said of the FARA issue, “recent disclosures of additional foreign contacts has only strengthened what was already a strong case.”

But does it really matter? Joe Biden has broken numerous laws as president. Again, does anyone reading this think anything will happen to Hunter? I reported just last week that Merrick Garland’s DOJ is currently working on a plea deal for Hunter so that none of the crimes, many involving his corrupt father, the president, and other members of the Biden crime family, will ever see the inside of a courtroom.

“Indeed, in the last few weeks, the compelling basis for a FARA charge has become unassailable and undeniable,” Turley said.

I just don’t believe that the DOJ is going to send Hunter to prison for things that any one of us would be in heap, big doodoo.

The main scam has been that throughout his entire political career, Joe Biden has sold the influence of his office. A lot of people hear that and they don’t exactly know what it means. It means you pay me in some way and I will do whatever you want me to do that the power of my elected office allows me to do. And he has used his son Hunter to make those kinds of deals to have a degree of separation. While the FBI traditionally would monitor politicians for corrupt activity, they seldom ever monitored family members.

There is so much real corruption by this family that it denies belief in a Benevolent Being. And according to onetime business partner Tony Bobulinski, Joe Biden was the “big guy” who was mentioned as the boss of the Biden crime family.

The Bidens took $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. The mayor’s wife, Elena Baturina, who was corrupt and sanctioned, wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden on February 14, 2014. Joe Biden was vice president when that happened. Was that money for a business deal in Moscow? So Donald Trump gets accused of being Putin’s puppet over a business deal that never materialized in Moscow, but the Bidens actually do a business deal in Moscow and our crooked media couldn’t care less.

If you think Vladimir Putin doesn’t know about the Biden deal with Baturina, and possibly others, and might be using it as blackmail against Joe Biden, then I have a unicorn breeding ranch that I would love to sell you.

If you think China’s President Xi Jinping doesn’t know about a bunch of business deals that went down with Hunter Biden, to the tune of over $30 million, on behalf of the Biden crime family, with companies with ties to the Communist Chinese government, then I have two unicorn ranches I would love to sell you.

In a very small way, I feel sorry for Hunter Biden. His father used him as the bagman of operations in foreign countries to make very lucrative deals by selling the influence of his office. He knew Hunter has a drug problem, which means he has to have some underlying psychological issues as well, and yet he put his son into a position like that. What kind of father would do that to his own son?

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