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Humiliation! Exposure Of Biden’s Pathological Pattern Of Lies Is Unmasked With His New Kitty Cat

One media personality took to Twitter on Sunday to expose what appears to be another notch in an ongoing pattern of lying for Democrats, the American media, and specifically Joe Biden- that can only be described as “pathological”.

As the approval rating for Democrat Joe Biden’s first year as POTUS is melting away by the minute- his attempts to connect with people is so awkward and embarrassing that it would make Bill Clinton blush.  Check this out.

The Bidens got a cat! Was the big news on Friday.

In a campaign to distract the American people from a disastrous presidency and make the Biden family appear to be like “common cat loving people” the American media was ridiculous and eager to push the pro-Biden messaging about the newly adopted cat- to help rescue Biden- their political idol.

Coverage of the cat day was really a childish beclowning of an American first family, and really it was just a multi-million dollar complex PR move. And to top it off, like a cherry on an ice cream cone, we are finding out that the story is full of embarrassing melodrama and lies.

The official White House press release said that Willow, a perfectly and beautifully groomed cat was a “stray farm cat” according to Biden’s mythology about where Willow the cat came from. Uh-huh.  The Biden’s and their silly PR writers have never seen a farm cat- apparently.

If it weren’t for a long and well-established pattern of abusive deceit and powerful political propaganda in our media- the “farm Cat” story would just be embarrassing.

In reality, their collective continued lies are dangerous, reckless, and outright evil.  The Bidens and the media are lying about a cat to trigger Biden’s supporters into an emotional outburst of political support.

When the country is facing disaster on multiple levels.

It begs the question: What won’t they lie to the American people about? Other people are asking too.

Greg Kelly, host of Newsmax TV, slammed the Biden’s for the Kitty Cat PR- turned rotten to the core.

“Willow the Cat named for Jill Biden’s hometown: Willow Grove. So why does JOE brag that JILL is from PHILADELPHIA “My wife’s a PHILLY GIRL!” (as if that were extra Badass or something)—they can’t even adopt a CAT without getting caught in lies and Weird “arrangements”



“Pathological liars tell compulsive lies without a clear motive. This type of lying is different than nonpathological lying, where the lie is often beneficial in some way,” according to Medical News Today. 

And the creepy pattern of PR for Biden makes serious-minded people cringe. Earlier in the week before the big news of the cat- was the childish big news that Biden was eating ice cream again.

No, seriously- that isn’t a joke.  This was posted from the official White account:


This is who Democrat voters support. And it a sad way it is humiliating that they are not uncomfortable about how embarrassing it is that old grandad went for an ice cream cone today and that their media and political heroes believe this is newsworthy information- and the left actually eats it up and promotes it to others on social media.

Here is the Daily show mocking and gaslighting- the American people who notice their clown president is ignoring a country with multiple important issues to eat ice cream:

Here is a message to the left- it is ok to be a grown-up.  It is time for you people to start voting like you understand that.  2022 primaries are coming soon. Remember this story- before you vote to keep these people in power.


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