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Attacking Trump

Howard Dean Says Trump Use Hilter Techniques and His People Only Voted For Trump Because They Gave Up On Themselves [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Former governor of Vermont and failed presidential candidate Howard HEYAAAHHHH!!!!! Dean compared the Republican Party to fascists, saying that former President Donald Trump used the same techniques as Adolf Hitler used to convince voters to rust him so that he could “take over.”

That is one of the most irresponsible things I’ve heard in a long time. In other words, Trump is Hilter and 74 million voters are all too stupid to see through Trump’s Nazi-like ways.

Dean’s despicable words were said during a recent interview on a leftist podcast called MeidasTouch Podcast where the two Meiselas brothers who host referred to the GOP as the “GOP terrorist party.” Like good little Woke Supremacy robots they also referred to the party as the GQP to make a reference to QAnon.  In other words, they drank the Woke Kool-Aid and started a subscription.

While being interviewed Governor HEYAAAHHHH!!!!! described Trump’s election as the time when the GOP abandoned its ideology in favor of going “radical.” Don’t you just love it when radical Democrats tell you that Republican conservatives are the radical ones?

“The Republican Party does not have any principles at all as far as I can see right now, except for ‘I want power and I’ll do whatever I can and lie in any way I need to in order to get power,’” he said. “That is a principle for the destruction of the United States and any other country.”

This man is so brain dead he doesn’t realize he just described the Democratic Party.

Dean said that Trump used the same techniques as dictators such as Adolf Hitler in order to recruit supporters.

“It’s basically the same principle that Hitler used to take over and that most dictators used to take over,” he said. “It’s a pathetic construct though because it means that there are an awful lot of Americans who have given up on themselves and we have to figure out how to motivate them not to do that.”


Donald Trump made specific promises when he ran, and he kept every one of them. He lowered taxes, he fixed our broken fixed immigration system, he built the wall and would have finished it if the Democrats hadn’t stolen the election from him, he renegotiated trade deals to make them fairer to American workers and a lot more that turned the country around. Those do not sound like Nazi policies.

Dean is doing nothing more than typical Democrat projectionism.

It is insufferable to listen to that kind of tripe. People who have given up on themselves? MAGA voters did the exact opposite and said no longer will we allow the DC swamp to sell off our birthright as Americans by sending our jobs overseas so that politicians in Washington can get rich and powerful from it.  That’s not giving up on yourself, that’s taking your birthright back and demanding that your elected leaders do what they told you they would do for your vote.

Dean also called Republicans fascists.

“I mean, to surrender to fascism is just as much of a sin as being a fascist,” he said.

The fascists have always been leftists in ideology. This Big Lie that fascism is a thing of the Right is gobbledygook nonsense.  They say Hitler and Mussolini were fascists, but the truth is they were both left-wing socialists. In fact, Mussolini was the most popular Marxist in Europe in his day.  Someone tell Howard to Google the term Nazi.  The definition that Google shows is “a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” [emphasis added]  Did you notice the word “socialist” in there? Socialists were never right-wing.   And the two leftist fascist’s policies were as bad as the Democratic Party today.

Dean said that before Trump came along, he got along with some Republicans so well that some Democrats would accuse him of being a Republican. That is laughable because he was the chairman of the DNC and no chairman of the DNC could ever brag about being mistaken for a Republican. He said that was the case because he cared about the budget and “didn’t want to spend money we didn’t have.”

He said that “there are decent Republicans, sort of,” [sort of?] and he went on to clarify saying “just don’t have the backbone to stand up” and as a result it “hurts America.”


Again, don’t you just love it when a leftist like Dean and the idiot hosting the podcast get to decide what a “decent” Republican is?  By their standards, a decent Republican would be one that kisses the Democrat’s behinds and acts more like a Democrat. The GOP does have those types in the party. They call them RINOs and they do not consider them Republicans, because they push the same disastrous ideas of the Democrats.

Dean called Trump the “most corrupt president in the history of the United States,” and said that the “greatest tragedy” was all those who “surrendered their agencies” to the former president.

They say Trump was corrupt, but they can provide no form of evidence. Outside of the phony Russian collusion debunked allegations and the Ukraine phone call where the transcript of the call shows there was nothing in the call that the Democrats impeached him for, they have nothing to say. They want you to believe that the policy differences of Trump from the typical DC swamp are corrupt, yet Trump’s policies clearly worked while the DC policies usually made things worse for American workers year after year.  It is Dean and his colleagues who are corrupt.

“That is a sign that something is very wrong in our society where huge swaths of people, maybe as many as a third of the people, decided that their lives weren’t worthy enough and they would surrender their agency to basically a crook, a con man,” he said.

This idiot completely misses the point. Trump supporters believed their lives were worth far more than what they were able to do thanks to decades of an unfriendly federal government. They believed Trump would fight them and they were right because Donald Trump fought for every working man and woman in this country and they all recognized it by the results he achieved for them.

Howard Dean is gaslighting America with the nonsense that Trump voters followed some sort of Nazi cult under Trump. The truth of the matter is, it is the Democratic Party that is taking away our rights by the day. Donald Trump brought power back to the people, and the Democrats hated him for it, and right now the Biden administration along with the Democrat-controlled Congress are doing everything they can to catch up to the lost four years of them destroying our country.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joni

    March 25, 2021 at 5:37 am

    Democrats are destroying our country! Thank God, my AG Landry in Louisiana, and 13 other states are battling Biden on election integrity, immigration, & keeping oil open! The radical fascist dems have to be stopped, or we will end up in a civil war!

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