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Attacking Trump

How the Lincoln Project Humiliated Themselves in Public- For Good

The Community Organizers in the Lincoln Project exposed their lack of support from American voters and their impotent political strategy in the 2020 Presidential election in a humiliating defeat after months of bravado and chest-thumping and childish rants.

George Conway, Lincoln project leadership, the man who threw temper tantrums until his wife had to quit her high profile job, showed what happens when emotions lead the brain as he destroyed his credibility after almost daily emotional tirades against President Donald J. Trump, his wife’s employer.

Rick Wilson who rose to prominence as a Republican “strategist” in 2016 was a founding member of the Lincoln Project, and exposed his lack of understanding of politics, logic, strategy, and simple math, while daily he wrote immature and childish taunts against supporters of Trump’s, proving that he is in the political arena to promote his personal feelings about lawmakers and policy.

The two swamp creatures, who climbed their ladder of success as Republicans hoped to discredit Trump and Trump supporters and bragged about their group’s wide-ranging support from American voters, who did not show up in large numbers to support the couple’s chosen candidates, proving Wilson and Conway are irrelevant and had no idea what they were talking about.

Apparently massive numbers of Americans did not embrace the “nanny-nanny boo boo” social media campaign of the Lincoln project as a motivator to go and vote. Gee.. who could have figured that out?

Joe Concha delivered a funny and blistering rebuke of the group.

MRC Newsbusters wrote about Concha’s recent comments about the losing duo:

In Concha’s estimation, the group is the “New York Jets of political action committees.” The Jets are 0-9 this season. Concha said the group “attracts tons of broadcast and social media attention based almost solely on its ability to troll in the most self-righteous (and self-serving) ways.” [Emphasis added.] 

The group, led by insufferable NeverTrump Republicans like co-founders MSNBC blowhard contributor Steve Schmidt, attorney George Conway and political strategist Rick Wilson, spent more than a whopping “$67 million in an attempt to impact various 2020 races.”

Concha perfectly summarized the effects bought from that multimillion-dollar effort to destroy Trumpism across the board:

Result: President Trump received more votes than any Republican in history, amassing more than 73 million votes and breaking the previous GOP record he set in 2016. As far as biting into Trump’s base, which apparently was the ‘Republican’ group’s core mission, the president received support from 91 percent of Republicans, according to a Fox News voter analysis, up from four years ago. Whoops.

But the more glaring failure, Concha noted, occurred in the race for control of the Senate. Concha assessed that The Lincoln Project spent $12 million trying to prop up “seven Democratic candidates in key races in an effort to flip the chamber back to the Democrats.” As Concha summarized: “Final score on that front: Republicans 7, Democrats 0.”[Emphasis added.]

If Republicans manage to win both or one of the Senate races in Georgia’s runoff election in January, the GOP will maintain control of the Senate. This would render The Lincoln Project’s multimillion-dollar Senate gamble completely worthless.

And it just gets worse and more humiliating for Conway and Wilson who are not handling their humiliation well at all.

Conway had a childish temper tantrum, complete with crayon scribbles:

And Wilson is mocking Americans who are concerned about freedom, with childish lingo and references to poop humor.

Behold the genius thinking here:

Anyone, at this point, who promotes the members of this group are showing that they do not care about their credibility in the slightest. The Lincoln Project, like all “Never Trumpers” are forever unproductive, jealous, ineffectual, inept, charlatans.

You would be better served flushing your money down WIlson’s fantasy toilet, at least he will get some fake social media “likes” for the good it does you.

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