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How Is Joe Biden’s Latest Scandal NOT an Impeachable Offense?

Why are we not doing anything?

Joe Biden is undoubtedly among the world’s worst decision-makers. For whatever reason, that handicap applies to all Democrats. They have shifted their attention so much toward helping everybody except the ones who they should be focused on helping the most and that would be those of us who actually live in this country and are legal citizens.

A nation will eventually fall if it does not care for its own population. We’re currently precariously balanced on the edge, in my opinion. Depending on what side we ultimately align ourselves with will determine whether we’re able to save this union or lose it.

As everyone is aware, gas prices are a problem in the United States. Although they have slightly decreased, they are still extremely high—in fact, unacceptably high. We would pay these costs indefinitely, if not much more, if Joe Biden and the Democrats could have their way. They want us to switch completely to renewable energy, even though we are now unable to do so.

We’re running low on our oil reserves so what does Beijin Biden do? He sends millions of barrels of crude oil FROM OUR STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVE to China!

According to The Daily Wire,

The “emergency sale” was conducted to “provide a wartime bridge that will support American consumers and the global economy in response to Vladimir Putin’s war of choice against Ukraine.”

The Energy Department received 126 bids, and the department chose 12 to receive a portion of the offering. One of those 12 companies was Unipec America, Inc. and it was chosen to receive 950,000 barrels of crude oil in the “price-competitive sale.”

While the sale went largely unnoticed at the time, The Washington Free Beacon pointed out on Thursday that Unipec is a branch of the China Petrochemical Corporation, also known as Sinopec and controlled by the Chinese government. The revelation comes after a Wednesday Reuters report revealed that the Biden administration had recently released five million more barrels of crude oil from the strategic reserve to other countries. China received about one million barrels of the latest release.

Sinopec has a prior history with the Bidens. In 2013, Hunter Biden co-founded the private equity firm BHR Partners. In 2015, BHR acquired a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec Marketing. In 2017, Biden took a minority stake in BHR, purchasing a 10% stake through an LLC he solely owned called Skaneateles.

So, once again, this seems to have something to do with Hunter Biden again. I honestly think that Hunter is using his dad. I think he’s taking advantage of him and that Joe will do absolutely anything for Hunter no matter how illegal or shady it is.

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