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Censoring Social Media

How Come Fake News About Donald Trump Never Gets Questioned on Social Media Platforms?

This is what totalitarianism looks like in our time.  There are no men beating people who are chained to a wall in a damp, darkened basement, or government storm troopers busting down your door because you legally own a firearm.  No, totalitarianism today comes from high tech leftists who run interference for their preferred political candidate by wiping out the evidence provided by the use of Free Speech.

That’s what the social media giants did to the New York Post’s explosive report on Hunter Biden, revealing why the famed vice-presidential son was hired by a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, in exchange for a reported $83,000 a month.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has since said the way the social media giant handled the posting of the story by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was “unacceptable,” but the Times’ account was still locked down as of this morning.

According to e-mails obtained by The Post, Hunter introduced the Burisma Holdings’ executives to his father, Joe Biden, who happened to be the vice president of the United States, making him the second-most powerful man on earth, who allegedly was in the business of selling the influence of his office as he has done his entire political career.

This news is fair game and in the interest of the American people, especially since they are voting right now.  Joe Biden lied to America when he repeatedly said he never spoke with his son about any of his business dealings.  This bombshell information proves Biden is a liar.  But, since it would and should embarrass big tech’s favorite old man, the social media giants went into cover up for Joe mode immediately.

Andy Stone, a PR guy for Facebook, said, “We are reducing [the Post story’s] distribution on our platform.” Before once worked for Democratic Senator Barbara “please call me senator” Boxer and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, yet he maintained that Facebook’s action was “part of our standard process to reduce the spread of ‘misinformation’.” Sure, and I’m Mary, Queen of Scots.

Twitter was also performing an in-kind donation to the Biden campaign when they started blocking users from spreading the story claiming they did the immediate cover up because of  “the lack of authoritative reporting on the origins of the materials included” in the report.

Wait, what?  The New York Post story gave details of exact how they received the material and the evidence that supports the material.  The Post could not have been more forthcoming about their sources, yet they got banned, along with others who posted the link to the story.

How does this compare to the thousands of anti Trump and anti Trump administration stories that have been posted on the same social media platforms since the day Donald Trump was elected, all of which turned out to be Fake News and sheet garbage, all designed to harm Trump’s next election, which is in 19 days?  How come the social media censors didn’t take similar actions against all that left-wing garbage?

Remember the whole Russian collusion hoax?  To this day Twitter and Facebook allow leftists to post anti Trump tirades about how the president is a puppet to Vladimir Putin with abandon.

How about the current lies reported every day that Trump did not take the Chinese virus pandemic seriously and that his inaction caused the needless death of thousands, despite the fact that the Trump administration mobilized an effort the likes of which was never seen before to combat the virus?  The incredible amount of things this president has done to combat the virus is unprecedented, but even today you can post the lies about Trump and his handling of the pandemic.  No social media platform would even consider questioning those lies.

How about every time Joe Biden repeats the Charlottesville lie where he clearly distorts the fact that Donald Trump condemned the racial hate groups the neo-Nazis and white nationalists claiming the president referred to them as “very fine people?”  To this day the tech giants to do put warning labels on those posts that they are lies.

Thousands of posts have made their way onto social media platforms and repeated by so-called news journalists, that Trump has never disavowed racial hate groups, when the facts show that President Trump has condemned racial hate groups more than any other past president or candidate for office.  Yet, there’s no taking down of such posts, nor any warning labels that show the easily debunked lies as misleading.

On the very day Trump was inaugurated Time did a Fake News story about the MLK bust being removed from the White House.  Even though the story was completely false, with the author Zeke Miller later admitting he never even asked anyone at the White House if the bust was removed, instead writing the fake story because he looked around and didn’t see it.  Social media never stopped people from spreading that garbage piece.

To this day Fake News reporters and anchors, along with Hollywood leftists continually post on social media that Trump will not leave the White House if he loses in November.  Despite the fact that Trump has never said that, the posts go on every day without Twitter or Facebook judging them as misleading.

As Ben Shapiro just tweeted, this is the world we live in now.

Just about every Democrat politician has spread the lie that there is something nefarious in Trump’s tax returns.  There is no way to prove whether there are or not, because even after some of his taxes were illegally obtained by the New York Times and others, nothing nefarious has ever been shown, yet they continue to report that Trump is hiding something, and none of it is ever questioned by the censors at tech giant firms.

Nick Sandmann was besmirched by many news networks for doing absolutely nothing wrong the day an activist Native American pounded a drum in his face while he simply smiled back at him.  The media invented things that never happened, called for his arrest, expulsion from school etc., and social media never stopped any of it, even though Sandmann was a minor.  The young man has since won giant awards in court settlements, proving to the rest of us that they admitted guilt and wanted to save a few million dollars, but news stories galore were allowed to be posted on the same sites that just censored a story about Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

I could go on and on and on and on and on with hundreds of Fake News stories about Trump, Republicans and conservatives that have been posted every day of the week for fours years that are never challenged by social media “fact checkers.”

The Washington Post has an official slogan: “Democracy dies in darkness.”  I’m here to tell you that they, along with all the other Fake News networks out there, are the darkness, as they lied repeatedly every day of the week.

CNN refers to themselves as “The most trusted name in news,” which is a complete joke in itself.   The most unreliable source in news is CNN’s Reliable Sources, which spends every episode going over the vast amount of lies reported that week as truth.

MSNBC had a reporter standing in front of a burning building during a riot with a chyron at the bottom of the screen saying the event was “mostly peaceful,” posted all over social media.

All of these networks posted lies on social media every day for three years about the Russian collusion hoax, and the tech giants didn’t stop a single one of them.

Freedom dies when information is blocked and Free Speech rights denied, publicly or in the town square of social media.

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