THE terrorist who filmed himself slaughtering Muslims in a New Zealand mosque is understood to have become radicalised after travelling to North Korea and Pakistan. Brenton Tarrant described himsel…

Brenton Tarrant is the 28-year-old man that opened fire on a mosque in New Zealand killing 49 people and injuring many more. He described himself as “a regular white man, from a regular family” before filming his attack.

Tarrant worked as a trainer in a gym before taking the money he earned through Bitconnect, a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, and traveled the world. Family and friends believe he was radicalized during those travels to Pakistan and North Korea.

In his chillingly warped 74-page manifesto, Tarrant described how he had been preparing for the attack since his trip to Europe two years ago.

During his visit to France, he described a town in Eastern France as a “cursed place”.

He wrote: “In every French city, in every french town the invaders were there.

“For every French man or woman there was double the number of invaders.

“I had seen enough, and in anger, drove out of the the town, refusing to stay any longer in the cursed place and headed on to the next town.”

Photos shared on social media show him smiling while visiting Pakistan in October 2018.

In another image from online he is seen with a tour group visiting the Samjiyon Grand Monument in North Korea.

A picture that was on his Twitter page with a Black Sun Symbol which is used in Satanism and neo-Nazism.

This is being treated as a terrorist act. Three men and one woman have been arrested. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called it “one of New Zealand’s darkest days”.

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Source: How Christchurch terrorist Brenton Tarrant went from smiling tot to white supremacist maniac who murdered 49 after trips to North Korea and Pakistan