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‘How About N Is For No, Not S Is For Sex?’ School Board Candidate Slams Activist Curriculum Choices

Katie Long is running for school board in Wake Co., North Carolina, in a non-partisan race, but she recently changed her voter registration to independent.  Long said she made the change, as so many others in the area have, out of a distaste for the direction of party politics in public education in North Carolina.

Katie Long is running for school board in Wake Co., North Carolina, in a non-partisan race, but she recently changed her voter registration to independent.  Long said she made the change, as so many others in the area have, out of a distaste for the direction of party politics in public education in North Carolina.

As she sees it, both parties are missing the opportunity to work for the American people.

One of Long’s main concerns for Wake Co schools is the standards of curriculum that children will receive.  She also is focused on the level of communication with the parents about their children’s curriculum, saying she wants to focus on transparency and age-appropriate learning materials.

Recently Long found a conflict that involved Parkside elementary and a third class, in particular, that had met at the school from the previous school year.

Long said she had met a parent from her distinct who was angry, sad and frustrated that her young child had received instruction that she did not approve of- and felt that the lesson was not age appropriate because it contained information about sex. And according to the Mom, she had not yet talked to her son about sex.

The lesson that concerning day came from a book Long addressed in her speech to the school board on Tuesday night,  titled the ABC’s of Equity.

After talking to Long, her attitude is generally that no one is paying attention to the concerns of the parents and kids and that too many people are fighting over political power.

Long has been participating as a concerned parent, herself at Wake Co. School Board for over a year- concerned mostly about the freedoms that are being sidelined at schools.

Long has an extensive history of thinking about the importance of liberty and freedom.

That is why what Long did on Tuesday night, presenting the parent’s concerns at the School Board meeting, was characteristic of a woman whose parents were refugees to the United States from Communist Vietnam and brought their daughter up to cherish American freedom- Katie Long spoke out about the concerns of parents in her district- number 7, in Wake Co.

You can read more of Katie’s story of freedom HERE>

But what about the kids and Parents of Wake Co?  Long said she entered the race determined to stay focused on kids and their parents.  Her campaign site is here.

Long released a statement to me tonight about her speech at the school board:
“Tonight I mentioned a particular book being read to 3rd graders in our schools. Besides being completely age-inappropriate, the point is not the book, the point is the politicization and ideological influences that seem to permeate into everything this school system is doing.

It is a complete distraction from Education! Playing games with teaching an 8-year-old the alphabet is not ideal. Confusing children about difficult things in life is not healthy. No wonder we have so many behavioral health issues in our society. Can we just let kids be kids? Can we just teach them to read and write and cipher numbers?

We keep hearing about situations like this. It just doesn’t seem to be just rogue and rare teachers anymore. All of this happening under the noses of the Principals and Assitant Principals. There are so many great teachers and Administrators, I support them.

But those who are coming with any agenda other than simply educating our children, I stand against. When I am elected in November I will stand strongly for our children, the students, and any and all teachers that are willing to stand with me.

Keep your ideology out of the classrooms! Let kids be kids!

Here is Long’s speech about the parent’s concerns over age-appropriate curriculum, which she gave on Tuesday at the Wake Co School Board meeting and offered her comments:

Go to [32:00]

Good evening, I’m Katie Long.
Our school system has policies that are failing our children. There’s a learning loss issue that has yet to be addressed. Where is the public discussion about helping the students to get back on track with what really matters- reading, writing and math? We know that if children are not reading proficiently by end of the ard grade, they are 4x times as likely to drop out of high school. Why isn’t this priority number 1?

A concerned mom in district 7 just brought an issue to my attention and I want to bring it to you. The mom had just found out about an issue when her son was in 3rd grade last school year. She’s just now finding out about it when her son and son’s friend was talking about the S word. The concerned mom thought S for S-H-I-T but during discovery, it was S for Sex. A 3rd-grade teacher at Parkside Elementary played an audiobook to her students on the ABC alphabet called ABC of Equality.

This is not the ABC book that just any parent would read to their children. This is indoctrination, not teaching letters! I don’t have enough time to go over every letter in this book but let me say S is for Sex. When a baby arrives, the doctor will say it’s a boy or girl, depending on their understanding of the baby’s body.

This is their sex category.

Does anyone think that this is an appropriate way to teach third graders, seven- and eight-year-olds the alphabet? There are 13690 words that start with the letter S!

I think we can do better than this. The same teacher at Parkside Elementary sent home a consent form to allow the parents to opt-out if they do not wish to have their children watch the Peter Pan movie. Seriously??? A form to opt-out of a movie but the
did the teacher fail to send the parents a form to opt out of this ABC for Equality audiobook?

There’s a lack of transparency in the curriculum, and parent’s rights have been stripped. Parents should always have a say in their children’s curriculum. How about the letter N for No.

No thank you to a curriculum that does not provide our children with the basics. We must do better for our children. Please address the learning loss and the grade proficiency level issues and focus on the core curriculum – the 3Rs. The students must simply master these things first; then, we can discuss other things.

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