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Attacking Trump

Radical Far Left US House Member Helped Fund Antifa’s Filthy Pot Luck Party While Restaurants in his District are Forced to Stay Closed

A US House Member from Oregon and a member of the Resistance who calls himself “Radically Effective”  is on the front lines of the battle to destroy the Federal Court House in his state, by funding the violent movement who are attacking police and defacing federal property.

Democrat Earl Blumenauer posted on Twitter that he supports and funds a communal Pot Luck meant to feed rioters in Portland, Oregon near the federal courthouse, the site of constant rioting against federal law enforcement, in fact the name of the Pot Luck is “Riot Ribs”.

Blumenauer’s reasoning is that he wants to defund the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Admitting that he is funding the violent chaos in Portland, Blumenauer brags about his support  by promoting the community organizers and offering to volunteer for them:

Blumenauer is a vocal resistance member, hoping to lead the county is resistance to Trump’s call for law and order at Federal sites, just months ahead of a National General Election.

Ironically, Blumenauer’s positions himself as a savior of restaurants in his district, according to his campaign website where he posted the following demands for Federal money to bail out restaurants in his area:

“The service industry is some of the most difficult work an individual can do. In a global health pandemic, our small mom and pop restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. Here in our community, and in thousands of communities across the nation, we’ve seen restaurants and service workers hit hard due to COVID-19.

From Pok Pok to Wong’s King Kitchen and Bistro Montage, our local family-owned spots are seeing boarded up windows and “Closed” signs for good. For many, even the Paycheck Protection Program loans are inaccessible.

That’s why I’m proud to announce I’ve introduced a bill to create a $120 billion Restaurant Stabilization Fund to support independent restaurants through grants.”

Blumenauer’s gesture is especially interesting because video shows there are numerous health and hygiene concerns with “Riot Ribs”, which apparently are not hindered with the Global Pandemic or the concerns of the left for heightened cleanliness and social distancing.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has investigated and exposed many people in the Antifa movement posted about the suspicious support of Blumenauer.

Blumenauer has used his position of power and authority to call for the overthrow of the Trump Administration.

Including calling for the “Defunding” of the President of the United States at time of heightened lawlessness and violence, which could have consequences on the General Election in November of 2020.

We contacted Blumenauer’s office to ask for a statement and did not receive an answer.

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