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House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy SLAMS Democrats Who Have ‘No Plan To Fight Inflation’ [VIDEO]

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On Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed the Democrats for having “no plan to fight inflation” as the country is now in a recession despite the spin the Biden administration is throwing.

On the day the recession became official, McCarthy ripped the Democrats for either not recognizing the country was experiencing the worst inflation in forty years and the starting of a recession, or seeing it and still believing “your suffering was worth their ‘incredible transition.’” It is a forced transition as Americans like the energy they are already using to heat and cool their homes, cook their meals, and drive themselves to work and elsewhere.

“That explains why President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Schumer are still peddling anti-energy policies,  plus almost a trillion in new spending and new tax increases on Main Street, even as these policies destroy our country,” he said, speaking on the House floor. “This is the leadership of America.”

McCarthy pulled no punches on the Democrats’ attack on our energy sector, saying, “You have no plan to fix it, but you had the plan to destroy it.”

He also pointed out that the inflation that is crushing the country is solely their doing. “Only Democrats passed that bill. Only Democrats created inflation. Only Democrats shut down our oil and gas. I don’t know how much time people can warn you,” he said. He said Steve Rattner, another Obama/Biden economist, who said “The American Rescue Plan was the Democrats’ original sin when it comes to inflation.” He added, “He didn’t say it was Putin’s fault. He didn’t say it was temporary. He didn’t apologize after because he didn’t have to. Because he warned you about it.”

“It’s not just Republicans telling you it’s hurting. It’s America! But you still have no plan. Not one plan. We’re one more day here before we’re out in August. There isn’t one plan proposed.” McCarthy said to the Democrats.

“Forty years. Forty years, we’ve never experienced this. The last time we experienced this we had a Democrat-controlled House, Senate, and White House,” the minority leader said.

McCarthy pointed out not only do the Democrats not have a plan to solve the current energy crisis that they created, but how twice now the Democrats in the House voted to send our oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Communist China that “we saved … to protect America.”

“Republicans have a plan,” he said.” We are prepared to build an economy that’s strong. One that fights inflation by officially ending their disastrous ‘Build Back Better,’ eliminates wasteful spending, and gets Americans back in the workforce.” He continued, “An economy driven by proven, pro-growth economic policies that deliver higher paychecks, lower costs, boosts Main St, and encourage innovation.”

“An economy with lower gasoline prices, yes, by increasing production in America. With American-made energy – not begging the Saudis for more — we’ll approve more oil and gas pipelines,” he said. “It’s time for a new direction in Washington, to get our nation back on track. Americans deserve a future filled with hope, opportunity, and freedom. And Republicans stand ready to deliver.”


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