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House Dems Slip 10 Year Paroles for 6 Million Illegal Aliens into Reconciliation Bill

House Democrats slipped a provision into the Build Back Better Bill that would lead to at least six million illegal aliens ending up with a minimum 10-year stay in the United States. Six million illegal aliens would get five-year paroles that they could renew for an additional five years after the initial time runs out. But their plan is simple, they expect that after ten years they can convince you that amnesty is a good idea.

The second problem is those with paroles would not be deported for committing crimes. They would serve their time, if any, and then would remain here afterward. And for that ten years, they are allowed to work which they cannot do under the current immigration laws.

That means they could bump six million Americans out of their jobs. The illegal aliens could also be eligible for all government freebies depending on how the courts rule.

The Hill:

The provision approved by the House offers a sort of waiver to immigration laws, using a process known as parole to allow people to stay in the country for five years with the option to extend for another five years thereafter.

About 6.5 million people would stand to benefit from the measure directly, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

According to that analysis, about 3 million of those people would become eligible to springboard from the parole status to legal permanent residency, the first step toward citizenship.

This would make chumps out of the nearly five million people who have taken all the legal steps to come to this country. They obeyed all of our laws, yet they still wait while illegals continue to flood the borders and stay in the country under Joe Biden’s open border policy. Mr Poopy Pants will never seal our borders.

From PJ Media

The radical Congressional Hispanic Caucus was behind the idea.

“CHC remains focused on passing immigration reform. The Build Back Better Act includes long-term work permits and protections for seven million hardworking immigrant essential workers that will help prevent family separation, stabilize our workforce, boost our economy, and create jobs,” said Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chair Raúl Ruiz (D-Calif.).

“The CHC urges the Senate to protect the work-permits and protections and we are hopeful they will use the Senate rules to build upon them and create an earned pathway to citizenship to further improve our nation’s economy,” added Ruiz.

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