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House Dems: It Is ‘Not Possible’ To Evacuate Americans And Afghan Allies From Afghanistan By August 31st, ‘Deadline Must Be Extended’

The Democrats are getting scared out of their wits. They ran Joe Biden, knowing that his cognitive skills were severely diminished, but they thought they could cover it up, but are now finding that in putting him in office they have endangered their entire party.

Now, they find themselves in a position where they find it necessary to distance themselves as much as possible from the mentally impaired leader of their party.

Joe Biden’s spokeswoman admitted at the press conference today that we will be leaving some Americans behind when we leave Afghanistan.

The Democrats must now oppose that narrative, even though they cannot change what is now, almost inevitable.

This way, when it turns into a full-blown hostage situation they can make the claim that they were dead set against abandoning Americans to our sworn enemies.

House Democrats are weighing after receiving a briefing on what is happening in Afghanistan. It was made clear to them that all American citizens cannot be evacuated from Afghanistan before Biden’s timetable for a complete exit from that country.

They are being led by Democratic liar for hire, Adam Schiff. They are making a point to ask for an extension of the withdrawal date, knowing that the Taliban has the Demented in Chief buffaloed.

Schiff said:

“I think it’s possible, but I think it’s very unlikely given the number of Americans who still need to be evacuated. It’s hard for me to imagine that all of that can be accomplished between now and the end of the month.”

“I am encouraged to see the numbers of people evacuated increasing readily to the point where we evacuated 11,000 people in a single day. Nonetheless, given the logistical difficulties of moving people to the airport and the limited number of workarounds it’s hard for me to see that could be fully complete by the end of the month,” Schiff told reporters. “I’m certainly of the view that we maintain a military presence for as long as is necessary to get all U.S. persons out and to meet our moral and ethical obligations to our Afghan partners.”

So what is Schiff misleading America about in those statements? Plenty. He said we evacuated 11,000 in one day, but what he failed to mention was that very few of them were Americans.

Since the evacuation began, only 4,07 were Americans. Also, he did not mention that as of Tuesday, the Taliban is not letting any Afghans from leaving.

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