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House Democrats Suffer a Catastrophe that Will Blow Up Their Party

Things may not be clear sailing for Democrats no matter who wins the Oval Office. Before the election, Pelosi and other Democrats claimed they would win between 5 and 10 additional seats in the House. As Robert Burns once said:

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley. “

Burns wrote his poetry in Gaelic. You might know the expression better as “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” That is exactly what happened to the Democrats and could end with Pelosi being bounced as Speaker of the House. In fact, you are liable to see the entire leadership in the House get replaced.

Instead of winning 5 to 10 seats, it now appears they will lose 5 to 10 seats. Five are already lost and at least another five are in danger. The Senate was disappointing as well. They will end up with a small net gain but Republicans will still control the Senate.

There is a lot of finger pointing happening in the House and most of it is aimed at Nancy Pelosi. The question is if she can apply pressure to keep her job. But what if she does lose her speakership? I would expect that she will announce her retirement. I would think that she will not ne content joining the ranks of the every day House member.

The mood is probably sour in the Senate too but I don’t know if they can overthrow Schumer. I certainly hope not. If they get rid of him there is always the possibility that would would replace him with someone capable. We don’t want that.

The Hill:

While Democrats will retain their majority, a handful of their front-line members — incumbents facing the toughest races — had been defeated. And after boasting about how they’d expanded the map and were playing “deep into Trump country,” they’d failed to pick off even a single House Republican running for reelection. Democrats did manage to pick up a pair of GOP-held open seats in North Carolina, where redistricting had made the districts much bluer, and a third in Georgia after the retirement of vulnerable GOP Rep. Rob Woodall.

Democrats made the most fundamental political mistake you can make; they overestimated the popular appeal of many of their issues and candidates. Democrats did not win a single district won by Donald Trump in 2016 — a bitter disappointment given the high hopes — and large amounts of cash — they had for those races.

Who would the new Speaker be? AOC? Possibly or at least someone as equally radical. They will move at least one Black member into a leadership position in an attempt to give themselves the appearance of sharing power, but in reality they won’t.

At least we still have the Senate as long as liberals like Susan Collins or Mitt Romney or both betray their party and their country.

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