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House Democrats Killed GOP Energy Bill That Would Have Brought Back Energy Independence and Hurt Russia’s Oil Exports

Former president Donald Trump got the country to be energy independent. Not only that, but he allowed us to become the world’s top exporter in oil. That all ended after the theft in 2020 and President Joe Biden killed our energy policies, making us once again dependent on oil from countries that hate us.

On Tuesday, House Democrats killed legislation that would have allowed the US to regain its energy independence. This was conceivably because Biden talked up his climate change agenda.

It’s strange, because this administration talks down Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine, and Joe Biden could bring the Russian madman to his knees if he just went back to the energy policies of the previous administration. Russia gets rich when the price of oil goes high and their economy suffers greatly when the price is low. Bringing back energy independence from the Trump administration would lower the cost per barrel of oil and send Putin home crying over his economic woes.

But the Democrats wouldn’t have it.

The “American Energy Independence from Russia Act” was introduced by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s ranking member Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and was shot down along partisan line vote of 221 to 202.

“America, not Russia, is the world’s number one energy producer,” Rodgers said on the floor of the House urging member to vote for her legislation. “We should act like it and lead. President Biden must restore American energy dominance and use energy resources to help Ukraine and Europe fight back.”

The unbelievable move by the Democratic Party came less than a week after Putin ordered his military to invade Ukraine. Russia supplies about 10% of the world’s oil. The US doubled its imports of Russian oil, taking in over 400,000 barrels daily in December.

The high oil prices are funding Russia’s attack on Ukraine and possibly other Eastern European countries if the rumors coming out of Belarus are true. Putin now has the market on Western energy.

At the end of February, House Minority LeaDer Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took to social media to push for energy independence.

“The United States must replace Russian energy with American energy independence & accelerating energy exports to our allies. American strength deters our adversaries, and our response to Putin’s unprovoked war against Ukraine demands American leadership.”

Under the Biden administration’s Energy Department, the US is going to stay a net importer of oil so that he can satisfy the climate change alarmist groups. Biden believes we can replace fossil fuels with other forms of renewable energy that simply are ready yet, even though he and other climate nuts talk about it like wind and solar can outdo fossil fuels today. Keep dreaming.

So while we are involved in sanctions against Russia for invading its neighbor Ukraine, Biden still has the US buying billions of dollars of oil from the invaders.

The bill Democrats killed on Tuesday would have responded to Russia’s energy domination and at the same time potentially pulled Russia out of Ukraine by allowing American production of oil that would have lowered prices and dissolved Russian imports. The bill would have reauthorized the Keystone Pipeline that Biden shut down on day one of his disastrous presidency. The bill would have also forced oil and gas exploration leases on federal land as Biden did another pause on leases last month while trying to keep it on the down low.

The bill would have also required the administration to create a plan on energy security within 30 days and replace oil reserves Biden released from the emergency stockpile, something he wouldn’t have had to do if he wasn’t so beholden to the climate lobby.

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