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House Democrat Who Decided Not To Run Again Exposes Party Leadership’s Dysfunctional Way of Pushing Members To Support Radical Bills

On Friday, Representative Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), another House Democrat who decided to not run again, just exploded on the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) for forcing party members to vote for bills that will destroy the party come November.

The Congresswoman let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, when she told Politico Playbook, Politico’s unofficial guide to official Washington, that the party’s leadership would “beat moderates into submission” in order to push forward a radical leftist agenda bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proposed, no matter how crazy.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I said, ‘You can’t keep promising rainbows and unicorns when your political reality is such narrow margins in the House and a dead-even Senate,'” Murphy said. “They took the difference between rainbows and unicorns and political reality — which is anger and disappointment — and turned that anger and disappointment against their own members.”

But that’s how progressives roll. Pelosi was closer to an old-school Democrat until the likes of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC) came along and she and the other members of The Squad began treating Pelosi like she was a doddering old grandmother type giving out old-school advice on how things get done in the House.

Progressives are as childish as they are radical leftist. They don’t believe in “democracy” no matter how many times they tell you they do. They don’t listen to their constituents unless they’re kissing their rear end. They are impatient and want what they want now. “NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW!” they scream as they jump up and down, both hands with fists, and a facial expression somewhere between angry and heartbroken with despair. They don’t care what their constituents think because they know what’s best for them. Ironically, basically nothing progressives support is anywhere near what’s best for their voters. That’s because progressives always support policies that will make them stronger with power.

So, Pelosi had to adapt. She came close to losing the Speaker’s vote in 2020 and realized that she is vulnerable to a complete moron from the Bronx who has nearly 13 million Twitter followers, is so ignorant on how things are done in the real world, and he’s not afraid to attack people in her own party who disagree with her ignorance. It’s a heck of a place to be as Speaker.

Murphy acknowledged what I always believed to be true, that the Democratic leadership uses hardball tactics against their members to force them to “take one for the team” which is usually a euphemism for expecting someone to do something when you know they don’t want to do it. When that doesn’t work, they go to the next level.

“Some of these members who would come to me would say, ‘I can’t afford to tick off the DCCC and have them put my money at risk,’ or, ‘I can’t afford to have my base attacking me. I can’t afford to have the millions of dollars of ads that I’m watching run in your district run against me,’” Murphy explained. “It’s unfortunate that that’s where we have gotten.”

Where we have gotten? It’s always been that way in the Democratic Party. Without naming names, I have a friend who years and years ago was married to a popular Democrat, and he wanted to run for a state office. The party told him they had already picked someone to run for that office, and if he waited until the next election cycle, they would support him for any office he wanted. Her husband didn’t want to wait, so he forced a primary race. Primary races cost the party money, money that would be better spent during the general election. This pissed off the party. As a Democrat, you don’t want to piss off the party. The party ran damning news stories in local newspapers against his family and sent union goons around the frighten their young children. Bricks were thrown through windows and rumors were started about my friend having two illegitimate black children. Yes, the Democrats were always racist that way.

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) runs the DCCC. Murphy blasted him for having a self-interest, being the reason he pushed members to vote for the most radical bills, so long as it meant he got a promotion from the party in the future.

 “I believe that the DCCC exists for one reason and one reason alone, and that is incumbent protection and expanding the majority,” Murphy said. “I don’t believe that the person who runs the DCCC should be a member who’s elected, because inevitably that member … has further aspirations in the Democratic leadership. And in order to ascend in Democratic leadership, you have to secure the progressive vote. And securing the progressive vote makes it difficult for you to also then protect moderates and create space for them to do what they need to do to win and hold seats. … I think that’s just … a structure that is misaligned to what should be the sole purpose of the DCCC, incumbent retention and expanding the majority.”

The problem with that type of party system is that only those who vote with the party leadership will move up. Otherwise, you could find yourself with zero support during your next election, or worse, the party puts up a primary challenger that they fully back with campaign money and advertising campaigns.

Murphy is now one of the 31 House Democrats who said they are not running for reelection. They all give their own reasons, like they want to spend more time with their family or they have other pursuits they want to follow. I believe this has become the biggest number of members of a party in Congress leaving in 30 years because they realize they are going to lose control of the House because their own party’s leadership pushed radical leftist policies that most Americans don’t relate to, and they don’t want to be a party of the minority party with no chance of advancement within because they don’t agree with the leadership.

They also may want to get out before the subpoenas get handed out for investigations into how culpable the party was for all the horrible COVID policies that they pushed during the pandemic for political reasons. Many of those policies harmed people when they didn’t have to. Either way, let’s hope when the Republicans take over the majority that they govern better than the Democrats. I’d say that’s a given, but never underestimate the ability of RINOs to ruin the GOP for their own personal agendas.

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