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Hotel Room Meth Lab Discovered in San Francisco’s “Hotels for Homeless” Program

Two adults were arrested on Saturday, August 1st for operating a meth lab out of their San Francisco Hotel room designated to them by the city. 

San Francisco opened hotel rooms as safe shelters for the homeless in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those in quarantine or at risk for COVID-19 have also been provided hotel rooms.

The arrest was made Saturday afternoon at the Civic Center Motor Inn after a strong chemical odor was reported coming from the room.

One hotel guest said she was evacuated by police officers when the meth lab was discovered “cause it could explode at any time.”

“We believe this was isolated only to one guest room and two adults were taken into custody,” said San Francisco Police Department spokesman, Officer Robert Rueca. 

According to Fox News, the “hotels for homeless” program has been suspended as a result of the discovery and arrest.

City Journal contributor Erica Sandberg said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that along with hotel rooms and food, the homeless were being provided “everything from needles, to meth pipes, crack pipes, (and) foil to smoke fentanyl with.”

She lamented that the project could have been a great success. The rooms “could have been places for recovery,” she said, “(to address) mental health issues, but instead, it was the opposite. So it turned out to be a complete disaster.”

“No, I don’t believe labs are in every room,” Sandberg wrote on Twitter soon after the arrests were made and reported, “but when you see a solitary cockroach crawl across a counter, only a fool would believe it’s the only one.” 

“As a political independent, I strongly believe all outlets should be covering this,” she stated in another Tweet.

“I would like for the government to have a bit more of monitoring of the space,” a worker at a business near the hotel told KTVU. “I do see that a place like this can be abused to be used for those kind of activities.”

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