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Attacking Trump

HOT MIC: Fox News Footage of Sandra Smith Mocking a Trump Supporter

Fox News is the focus of outrage from Americans after their blatant biased programming around the 2020 Presidential election, igniting boycotts of the network and elevating independent news sources.

Shocking video has emerged of Sandra Smith in a moment of candor, mocking a guest who was at the time talking about concerns over voter fraud, saying that the media did not chose the President.

Sandra Smith, off-air, reacts to her colleague Trace Gallagher indulging a nutjob who denies the outcome of the election even after Fox News had called it for Joe Biden,” one poster said in describing the video.

Watch as Sandra speaks in the background while a guest is talking about the election results.

The guest talks about the problems with the counting of ballots and the ongoing counting of ballots, even after Fox News has “called” the victor as Democrat Joe Biden.

“We have already called it,” Smith said. “What is happening?” she asked.

Media-ite reported on the video and said:

“Fox News anchor Sandra Smith has established her journalistic bona fides over the past few months of the election, consistently pushing back on baseless or unverified conspiracy theories, many of which come from either the Trump campaign or his media surrogates. The following clip—which apparently came from a leaked raw feed of America’s Newsroom—is likely to endear her to viewers who prefer to watch a reliable news outlet.

The clip in question — which comes from Internet-video maven Timothy Burke — comes from a rare Saturday episode of Fox News’ midday news program America’s Newsroom, which was on during the weekend due to breaking election news. Guest Cleta Mitchell, a DC-based lawyer argued on behalf of President Donald Trump’s reelection efforts despite his opponent, Joe Biden, having just being projected the winner by Fox News and numerous other media outlets.”

Reactions to the video on line included:

“This is Sandra Smith from Fox News, off air, reacting to the statement that the media is not responsible for calling elections. Her reaction is….”what is happening. We’ve called it” MSM truly believe they are the power,” one Trump supporter posted.

“Fox News anchor Sandra Smith appeared unaware that she was still on air when she reacted to a pundit’s claims that Biden’s election win is illegitimate and I do not give AF. Fox is stupid and needs to be snaked TF out. Hognose snakes are mildly venomous and found in the USA,” Random Snake Facts posted.

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